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5 ways to use chanterelle mushrooms

Mushrooms are an amazing thing, there are so many types of them, and you can find them while you are wandering in the woods in the autumn which is the high season, and you can also find them in the summer, when a whole group of fungi grows from the shaded pockets of the wet ground, and this means that the abundance of chanterelles mushrooms Not hard to find.

But you have to be careful sometimes; So you don’t mistake this mushroom for a poisonous pseudo mushroom. And if you don’t want to take the risk, chanterelles can often be found in large supermarkets and grocery stores.

Chanterelle mushrooms are golden in color and goblet-shaped, making them look somewhat royal on the forest floor. Some say that when freshly cut it smells like apricots, and after picking it is best to use a small brush to remove any dirt that may be stuck in its fine folds.

And when it comes to cooking, the main theme of using mushrooms is simplicity, as adding only a few ingredients can make these mushrooms sing and sound delicious, and they go well with other golden foods, be it butter, cream, cheese, saffron or lemon . Whatever the recipe, always start the same way, adding garlic, butter, and a pinch of salt and pepper to the beautiful golden mushrooms.


1. Noodles

It can be said that adding “chanterelle” to pasta, of any kind, will give a distinct flavor and taste to this delicious dish with a little cream.


2. Buckwheat Crepe

The classic French crepe made with buckwheat flour has a delicious flavor. Fill the crepes with creamy Swiss chard, as well as chanterelles.


3. Toast

The simplest way to enjoy these mushrooms is on toast, so add a little more cream and lemon peel when cooking, and finish with a little lemon before toasting on top.


4. pancake

Chicken and mushroom pie is a true classic, and when you add chanterelles, it becomes incredibly irresistible, especially since these mushrooms have a slightly more texture than the classic mushrooms.


5. Risotto

Prepare a basic risotto by adding the saffron to the stock, and in the last 10 minutes of cooking, when the risotto begins to thicken, add the chanterelles.

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