5 ways to download YouTube videos without software

Many Internet users are sometimes confused about how to download YouTube videos that they want to keep, whether on their smartphones  or on their computers, whether desktop or laptop, and the user usually enters the cycle of using programs that most of them are not free, and some of them are free, but ads bother you It makes loading a little slow.

Although YouTube does not have the ability to download videos, there are some sites that allow you to do so, and allow you to download any video you want, and you only need to get the video’s URL link, and insert it inside the site, which in turn gives you the choice of format and quality that you want to keep the video, and upload the video directly.

SS . method

The first trick that allows you to download the video effortlessly, is to add the letters SS before the word Youtube in the search bar Https, then press Enter, and you will find that you have moved to the download page, and you choose the quality of the video you want to save, whether 360, 720 or 1080 , then click on the word “download”, and you will find that the video is downloaded to your device.

y2mate’s website

The second way you can download YouTube videos, is to visit y2mate, insert the video URL, and press “start”. You will find that the site converts the video to a format suitable for downloading, and you can choose from the quality you want to watch the video in. After that, you will click on “Download”, and you will find the video being downloaded to your device.

Keepvid site

The site works in the same way as the previous site, but it differs from it in that it needs to specify that the video is for YouTube, as the site guarantees you to download videos from Facebook next to YouTube, but you must choose the video source site first, then choose “Download”, and you will find the video It is downloaded after you choose the quality and resolution you want.

ClipConverter website

To download any video through this site, just go to it, paste the video URL or address, press “Continue”, then test the resolution you want, then press “Upload”.


In the same previous methods, copy the link of the video that you want to download, then paste it into the box inside the site, and press “Go”, then you will be taken to the download page, and the site will automatically choose the resolution in the video that you have inserted the link to.


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