5 Vitamin C drinks for a healthy and radiant face


What is the importance of vitamin C for the face and skin is?

Vitamin C for the skin is vitamin is important for healthy skin and hair, plus it enhances the body’s immunity.

But this water-soluble vitamin is not only important to make you look bright and healthy, it also works to fight colds.

Vitamin C, which is found in abundance in Citrus and dark-colored vegetables, is also important for bone health as well as for improving iron absorption in the body.

You can get enough vitamin C in your diet you are sure to include a piece of fruit and green vegetables in your meals daily.

There are plenty of fruits and vegetables available during the summer and they contain a high content of vitamin C.

It is necessary to eat foods rich in vitamin C because this vitamin is not manufactured by our bodies, therefore, must meet our daily requirements through external sources such as foods and beverages and dietary supplements.

And nutritional intake recommended for vitamin C is about 70 milligrams for women and 90 milligrams for men per day.

There are several ways to ensure your daily intake of vitamin C, and fruit juices are one of them.

Vitamin C-rich drinks for a healthy and bright face

1. Detox drink with ginger and orange

Think the orange of the best fruits that you can eat to get enough vitamin C in your diet.

Contains each 100 grams of Orange on 64 percent of the daily value required for vitamin C according to the recommendations of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) of the National Academies.

And removal of toxins from the Orange and ginger provides you with many benefits, because it contains turmeric – which is also a spice rich in antioxidants.

Turmeric in drinks works a lot of wonders for your aching bones after exercise, for example.

So a cup of this drink detox day will benefit your body in several ways wonderful.

Ingredients of the drink Rich in vitamin C benefits for the skin :

1 large carrot.

2 tablets of Orange.

1/2 spoon of raw turmeric (powder).

1/2 spoon of ginger (ground).

1/2 lemon (juice).

How to prepare a brew to enjoy the benefits of vitamin C for the face and skin:

Boil the carrots.

Then put the orange beads in an electric blender with a glass of Water, beat well and strain.

Then add all ingredients to the blender and beat them well for about 30 seconds.

Then submit.

2. Mango and kiwi juice for vitamin C benefits for the face

According to USDA data, mangoes contain 60 percent of the daily value of vitamin C needed by the body.

And this delicious summer fruit goes well with Kiwi in this recipe that will make your skin look very healthy and bright.

Ingredients of a drink filled with vitamin C for the face :

2 grains of mango.

A glass of water.

Half a glass of Grenadine pomegranate juice.

Half a glass of kiwi juice.

Ice cubes.

Mango slice for garnish.

How to prepare:

Prepare the serving Cup and fill it with ice cubes.

Mix mango, pomegranate juice and kiwi with water until well combined.

Zen Cup with a piece of mango and stir.

3.  Mint and Kiwi drink with lemon

Kiwi and lemon are sources rich in vitamin C.

Kiwi is also one of the best sources of vitamin C.

Besides giving you access to some of the nutrients necessary for healthy skin, this lemonade is one of the best drinks to help you overcome the intense heat of the summer.

Ingredients of this vitamin C-infused drink for the face :

6 beads of Kiwi (plus more for garnish).

4 grains of lemon (plus more for garnish).

2 cups water.

2/3 cup sugar

8 sprigs of fresh mint.

Sparkling water.

How to prepare:

Boil water and sugar until the sugar dissolves.

Then remove from heat and add the mint and leave for 10 minutes.

At the same time, Peel the Kiwi and beat it in a blender.

Then put it in a jug and squeeze out the lemon.

After that remove the mint from the drink, add it to the jug.

Then gently stir until the syrup cools and the flavors blend. ·

To serve, fill a glass with ICE if desired, add juice to it up to 2/3 cup, and then fill the rest of the Cup with sparkling water.

4.  Mango cold soup recipe from the best vitamin C rich recipes for the face

This recipe is not like a regular mango drink it contains – in addition to delicious mango kernels – ripe tomatoes – also rich in vitamin C-as well as lemon juice which is another source rich in vitamins and flavors.

So this chilled soup will be your favorite this summer for vitamin C benefits for the face, skin and entire body.

Recipe ingredients that offer a lot of vitamin c benefits for the skin :

500 grams of mango (diced).

1 grain of cucumber (clip).

50 grams of finely chopped green onions.

1 chopped tomatoes.

5 grams of garlic cloves (chopped).

20 ml extra virgin olive oil.

1 lemon (juice).

3 grams of fresh mint finely chopped.

25 grams sugar.

Salt and black pepper (powder).

How to prepare:

In a blender, mix the mango, cucumber, green onions, tomatoes and garlic until the mixture is smooth.

While the mixer is running, gradually add olive oil until it is well mixed with the ingredients.

After that add lemon juice, mint, sugar and 150 ml water and then re-mix until just blending.

Then add salt and black pepper to them.

Then serve it cool with a garnish of mint leaves..

5. Pineapple recipe Ananas Panna

Pineapple is another fruit that is incredibly rich in vitamin C.

According to USDA data, it provides 79 percent of the Daily need for this vitamin.

This pineapple Pana recipe is very popular in India and contains roasted cumin, black salt and sugar.

Recipe ingredients that offer many benefits of vitamin C for the face and skin:

4 beads of fresh pineapple.

1/2 teaspoon black pepper powder.

1/2 teaspoon roasted cumin powder.

1/2 teaspoon of black salt.

1 lemon juice.

1/4 cup sugar.

Fresh chopped mint for garnish.

How to prepare

Tops roast the fresh pineapple until it is well cooked either on the fire or on the grill.

Then peel it and cut it into cubes small size.

After that mash the pineapple to get the juice out of it

Then add all the ingredients to blend them well.

Then you enter to the refrigerator to provide cold with roasted cumin and chopped mint.

In the end, you should know that a lack of vitamin C in the body can cause scurvy-a rare but deadly disease!!

So include these delicious vitamin C-rich drinks in your diet to make your skin healthy and radiant!

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