5 Things you should never do before a bikini zone wig

Women who want to avoid razor irritations and shipwrecks formed after shaving are preferred in the network. But the bikini zone network can also create a rush from time to time due to the pain it can feel. With some measures to be taken before the bikini zone network and some practices to be applied, this experience can be easier when you think! Esthetician Ivanna Bran shares a list of things to look out for before the bikini zone network…


Don’t shave


You may think that shaving before waxing will make it easier to pick up hairs. But this is a common misunderstanding. The use of razor before waxing makes it difficult to stick the net into the hair and instead pulls the skin, creating a more painful experience.


You should not apply a procedure in advance to your hairs in the area in question so that it can best show the effect of the network. In the same way, there is a certain length that your hair must come to in order for the net to work (about 6.35 mm), so it is best not to perform any operation on the net that will eliminate or shorten your pre-hair.


Do not apply to drug creams, lotions, or oils


Drug creams can be used to reduce pain during waxing. It is useful to test for allergies before using a cream or lotion. The point to note is that these creams are washed well before waxing.


Your skin should be completely dry when applied on the wax, so the esthetician sometimes uses baby powder for a better grip. That is, it is important to avoid an additional moisture on the skin that will prevent the wax from holding the hairs.


Do not drink coffee or alcohol


Consuming caffeine before waxing can lead to increased pain and anxiety. Although caffeine provides energy and alertness, this concentration can draw your focus to pain during waxing.


At the same time, since caffeine can occasionally create effects in the body such as tension, nausea and palpitations, negative effects may occur during waxing.


In the same way, it is useful not to consume alcohol until 24 hours before your appointment. Alcohol affects your body’s reactions. Alcohol, which also dilates vessels and thinning blood, can also increase your risk of bleeding.


Do not wear tight clothes


If you are thinking about what to wear when going to your date on the net, it may help to avoid tight clothing. The aim is to minimize the direct contact of your skin with clothing after waxing.


In general, it will be beneficial to avoid heat, sweat, or friction for 24 to 48 hours after waxing. Plenty of clothing reduces bacterial growth in the area, as well as the risk of shipwrecks.


Avoid waxing after sunburn


It is very normal to want to have waxing in summer, but your skin before waxing should not be irritated, peeled and dehydrated.


Just as sunburn can damage your skin, salt water and chlorine create irritation in your skin for 24 to 48 hours.


Since waxing also destroys dead skin from your body, it is the wisest method to avoid sunburn or sunburn before waxing.



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