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5 signs that hair needs nourishment

Hair nourishment means giving hair follicle cells vital nutrients and micro-nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, protein, oxygen, etc.


5 signs of hair damage

1. Hair loss


Excessive styling, drying, and malnutrition lead to weak, split ends and shedding hair. A small amount of hair loss is normal but a large amount of hair loss is a cause for concern.




2. zigzag hair strands


Run your fingers through your hair. If you feel that the hair strand is coarse and curly, this is a sign of a protein deficiency.




3. Tangle


This is one of the most common signs of hair damage. Take note of how often your hair gets tangled even after brushing regularly. This is caused by dryness.




4. Hair breakage


Split ends are very easy to spot but hard to treat If after a new haircut you notice split ends in about six weeks, then it’s time to treat the damaged hair.




5. Dull and matte hair


The reason is the humidity from the air and the lack of moisture in the hair, which makes the hair dull and matte.


There can be many reasons for damage to hair such as stress, genes, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiencies, diseases, diabetes, pollution, and frequent hair washing.

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