5 masks to get rid of all kinds of stains

Here is a group of new masks that open black skin spots, especially melasma and the effects of grains:

1- Aspirin: Aspirin contains salicylic acid, which is used in the fight against pimples, which opens skin pigmentation while continuing to use it. If you suffer from this problem do the following once a week.


Heat 5 teaspoons of water and dissolve an aspirin tablet in it. Massage your face with this mixture and leave it for 5 minutes. Repeat the use of this mixture once a week and you will notice that your skin is lighter in color and less spots and pimples with time.


2- strawberry


Cut a large strawberry in half. take a fork then smash it hard untill it become mixed with juice. Apply strawberry puree on your face and massage your skin in small circles. Leave for two minutes and then wash your face with water. Strawberry is one of the soft fruits that affect the skin, as strawberry puree is a natural bleach that gives freshness to the face. You can also rub the teeth several times a week with strawberry puree to give them safe whiteness.





3- Snow


To get rid of pallor, get a small damp towel and put some ice cubes in it and put it like a compress on your face, press it gently and move it between different areas of your face. This method is useful after taking a hot bath, as it closes the open pores of the skin. Likewise, after dyeing or plucking facial hair, or going out for a long time in the sun, or touching your skin for any reason. But if you do it after every hot bath, you will notice a real change in the radiance of your skin.


4- red lentils


For melasma, grind red lentils with powdered milk, then put lemon and rose water until the mixture becomes spreadable on the face. Use it day after day to get rid of melasma.


5- Ginger and apple


To whiten the skin and get rid of acne spots, cut a green apple after peeling it into small pieces and cut a piece of green ginger with it. Boil the mixture on the fire until it becomes soft, then mix it with a blender, mix it with powdered milk and apply it on your face day after day.