4 Things You Need to Know About Yoga

There is no precise information on the beginning of yoga, which is thought to be as old as human history. However, early archaeological evidence that is found in India and reminiscent of yogi poses dates to 3000 ’ BC. Yoga is an ancient and valuable teaching. Contains mental, physical and spiritual practices. The concept comes from the word “Yuj”, which is a Sanskrit name. Yuj word meaning is similar to the words bonding, merging and yoke. Among them, the word yoke, yoke, caused this concept to be born. Imagine! In your home, in nature or on a peaceful seaside, you can easily experience practices that will be good for your soul without the need for any equipment. These practices can also be expressed as a kind of journey where the soul and body go together. Divided into different teachings, yoga offers personalized practices and breathing techniques. How should yoga be done? How many times a week should I practice yoga? What are the necessary equipment for training? Come to the details and let’s look at it together.


1. What is yoga


This word is derived from the word yuj in Sanskrit, a rather ancient language. From an etymological point of view, it means to unite, to tie, to wear yoke. If we go a little deeper into the root of the word, we can see that the main purpose of all the values that express the concept is to make the soul whole. Another definition points to yoga as a way to control waves in the mind. Vivekananda likens this mind to the lake and expresses that we cannot see the bottom of the lake clearly because of the waves on its surface. Only when the waves are stopped does the bottom become visible. But what if this lake is dirty and turbulent, is it possible to see that bottom? Yoga shows its magic at this point. Cleansing from thought density and mud brings a person to a clear mind. We can finally see the bottom of the lake, which is our own self. Texts written thousands of years ago support this idea: “Yoga is control.” (Brahmanda Purana “It is the unification of duality.” (Yoga-Bija, 84) “Action is a talent.” (Bhagavat Gita, 2.50).


2. What are the benefits of yoga for the body?


In addition to being an ancient teaching, yoga is a very useful practice for health. Moreover, it greatly helps to reduce the risk of heart conditions. Yoga is a way of life and it relaxes and nourishes the person both spiritually and physically. It is recommended to do it regularly to prevent the progression of many diseases such as obesity, diabetes, heart diseases, etc. According to the researches, there was a decrease in the health problems of people who do yoga. Let us also remind you that their regular activities strengthen the immune system and improve brain function. The individual can sometimes find himself in an intense emotional state. Yoga comes into play at this point and is beneficial in treating emotional problems. Positive results can also be obtained for depression and anxiety disorder, which is frequently seen in society under the influence of pandemic. Sometimes a little time should be given to the body and mind to relax in order to heal. This teaching provides a healing effect to the body. In addition, it increases flexibility, balance and strength. Reduces chronic pain. Improves sleep quality and regulates the breathing of the individual.


3. How many times a week should I practice yoga

There is no time to practice. You can practice any moment you want and come from within. Practicing too much does no harm to health. On the contrary, we should underline that it is a very useful action both in spirit and in physics. During practice, body comfort and mobility are also very important. Therefore, it is recommended not to do it after eating. Practicing in the early morning hours is ideal. “Peki How often should I do yoga?” if you ask, we will answer immediately. Doing the exercises every day will be the best option. However, if your daily business plan is progressing in strenuous traffic, it will be enough to practice at least 2-3 times a week.


4. What materials do you need when doing yoga?


What materials do we need when we practice? First of all, of course, every yogi has a quiet place and a good matahe will need. The choice of studio is entirely up to you. While yoga can be a room in your home, it can also be a green park or a cool beachfront. Comfortable clothes are preferred. So what are the things we need to perform advanced degree practices outside of clothing and space? First, we recommend that you get a comfortable yoga mat. A 68-inch thick cushion in general lines will suffice you. If you are having joint problems, you should choose a thicker mattress. Keep a towel with you before you start practicing. Assistive materials for training may vary according to the difficulty of the practice. In some practices, reaching certain parts of the body creates difficulties. The straps you can use at this point will give you a more comfortable progression. We also recommend that you acquire one belt that provides flexibility in difficult positions. Yoga is a work of flexibility. As you practice regularly, the body’s flexibility increases. For this reason, the complete equipment to help you train will make your practical process more convenient


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