12 Best Social Media Marketing Tools 2022

Social media marketing tools are a magic wand that many marketers neglect to use, whether they are beginners or professionals. In a more precise sense, these tools are a world that opens up greater possibilities for you to use social media sites more professionally, and ensures that you achieve maximum marketing benefit from them.

There is a wide range of effective and successful tools that improve your marketing performance on social networking sites, these tools are divided between management tools, scheduling tools, analysis tools, tools for increasing interaction and reach, and others.

In this article, we offer you a variety of effective tools in all of these disciplines, which will help you improve your performance, and they are all considered among the best social media marketing tools. Continue reading..

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1. Buffer Tool

Buffer Tool

In order to write this article, I personally tested this tool on my Facebook page! In fact, it is a very interesting tool, and it occupies an advanced and popular position in the list of the best social media marketing tools.

The tool is useful for people who do not have enough time to manage their social media pages, as it not only helps to improve performance and increase reach rates, but it also performs scheduling tasks as well.

The tool saves time and effort by allowing you to add all the posts you want to share during the month at one time, so you don’t need to go back to publishing again at peak times, for example.

Posts are published successively on your personal page at the times you set. This feature helps you track the activity times of your potential customers or audience, and publish when they are available, which affects the percentage of your posts to them.

On the first page of their site, you will find the tasks they specialize in, which is (publishing), that is, helping you choose the right content, or the content that works the most with your followers, and fits the nature of your brand.

The tool also performs the tasks of (analysis), which is, as we have already mentioned; Helping you know and target the right audience, and publish at appropriate times.

Besides being a suitable machine for all tasks such as analytics, increasing interaction and scheduling, it also serves almost all social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others.

Regarding the price plan; Buffer offers a completely free package, and the possibility of a 14-day free trial for the paid package, which is $5 per marketing channel (eg Facebook page), which is a very affordable price compared to other tools that do the same tasks.

2. Hootsuite  Tool

Hootsuite Tool

Another good choice of social media marketing tools, which suit all categories from start-ups to companies with huge budgets.

This tool includes a large number of features, including ease of use, and its availability to all social networking sites.

It allows you to manage all your accounts from one place, even more than one account for the same application, it is an excellent tool for management and scheduling.

“This tool made it easier for us to visualize when to schedule everything, and exactly where the gaps in content are,” a review left by an advertising company that uses Hootsuite.

The prices of the tool are also very competitive as it offers 5 payment systems, one of them is completely free, and it allows you to use one social networking site with 5 scheduled posts.

As for the other payment systems for paid packages, they start from $49 per month, and there are discounted payment systems annually.

Hootsuite puts you more connected to your audience and potential customers, bringing you the latest trends and public conversations for your brand, this tool is highly recommended.

3. Statusbrew

Statusbrew . Tool

Suffice it to say that this tool is trusted by companies such as Ford, Lamborghini, Samsung, Hilton, Papa John’s and others, so you can use it now! In addition, this tool is used by about 16 million users around the world.

What distinguishes this tool from others is that it has a feature called Engage, which helps you not to miss any conversation about your brand on all social media sites, which keeps you informed of the audience’s tastes and desires.

If there are specific words or topics that your brand is interested in, you can use the tool’s listening dashboard to keep track of all those words or topics.

At the end of every week and every month, Statusbrew gives you detailed reports on the progress of your social accounts. These reports are very helpful in deciding which plan to follow for the next month and how effective it is.

We highly recommend this tool, which we consider one of the best social media marketing tools.

This tool is not free and has 3 payment systems, the first system according to the project or campaign, the premium system for $229 per month for large companies that need workflow improvement, and the last system is the basic for $129 and this is for smaller companies.

4. Post plannet Tool

Post Planner Tool

This tool enables you to improve the performance of your page on Facebook or any other social media by up to 650 percent!

This is in addition to the advantages of scheduling posts for up to a month, and helping you target the right audience for your campaign or your brand in general.

This tool has other amazing features such as:

a) “The Status Idea Engine” feature, which is useful if you become dry with ideas. Here the tool asks you questions, gives you keywords and topic heads, all inspired by social networking sites and what the audience actually wants.

b) The “PostPlanner’s auto time-zone” feature is for people who have an audience in different time zones of the world. If you want to greet people in the Kingdom on Eid al-Fitr at 6 am, the greeting appears to the Egyptian audience at their appropriate time regardless of the different time zones!

c) If you want to share a post on all your social media sites, with the help of Postplanner you can do it in one click.

d) The tool has a usage system that starts at $3 a month, less than the price of a cup of coffee in some coffee shops! Those dollars allow you three social media accounts with a maximum of 30 posts per day.

For all the above reasons Postplanner is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools

5. One streaM Tool

OneStream Tool

And since visual content is the winning horse these days, the most popular and most viewed content on all social media, dedicating a tool to improve its performance is very important.

Onestream is a tool for live videos on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and more.

The idea of ​​this tool is that you download your video after you have made the required modifications to it by videos Editing program upload  it to the site and schedule the times you want to publish the clip, as the live video can appear live even if it is recorded.

This tool also allows you to publish the same video to all your social media sites with a single click. We recommend this tool if you create a lot of visual content, or you have a successful YouTube channel.

6. Social Searcher

Social Searcher أداة

Here’s good news.. this tool is completely free! Social searcher is a search engine whose importance is that it allows you to search for keywords  or topics that you want on all social media sites.

This feature allows you to know the general trend of the markets and the real desires of the potential audience in the type of content and the nature of the products, and the tool next to that gives you an analysis of the nature of your audience, which helps you in providing them with the appropriate content, which leads to the required interaction.

It also provides detailed reports on your performance, tracks how influencers associated with your brand are doing, explores effective hashtags as well as explores competitors.

7. Brand24 tool

Brand24 . Tool

A recent study found that Instagram posts with 9 to 12 hashtags got the most engagement. This gives us a glimpse into the importance of hashtags these days in targeting the desired audience and achieving the desired interaction.

There are many hashtag analysis tools and they differ in their capabilities, but they combine the importance of increasing interaction through hashtags, so we chose this tool for you that works on Twitter, Instagram and Tik Tok.

Brand 24 not only displays the most popular hashtags associated with your brand, but also analyzes the hashtag in detail, in terms of the number of likes and comments. It will also give you accurate information on whether or not your hashtag is engaging.

The tool is paid for at $49 per month for the smallest package, but allows you to have a free trial for 14 days.

8. Tailwind Tool

Tailwind Tool

It is a completely free scheduling tool for Pinterest and Instagram. With one click, you can install more than one board in Pinterest at the same time, and it also has a group download feature next to the amazing scheduling tasks, which allows you to publish to both applications at the same time.

The tool helps you to design images in a wonderful and different way, even if you do not have design skills. Besides the above, this tool describes itself as the most powerful relevant and popular hashtag finder.


9. Rafflepress Tool

RafflePress Tool

This is a tool for gift away or gifts that are distributed through your site on the Internet, and it is one of the best tools that a large number of sites resort to.

This tool allows you to format comments wishing to get the gift on all social networking sites linked to the site such as Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram.

In addition to limiting these comments, find out if the winning comment owner shared the post, watched the clip, or visited your YouTube channel, for example.

This tool has 4 different payment systems starting from $39 until the peak system which you get for $359 per month.

10. Socialbakers Tool

Socialbakers أداة Tool

It is a very cool analysis tool. It can permanently analyze your marketing performance on social media, comparing it to the performance of competitors… which makes you aware of your weaknesses and address them, and your strengths and exploit them.

In a more precise sense, it is a tool that helps you make decisions based on the data presented.

In the short term, it also helps you improve the performance of your page, and retain and grow your existing customers. The tool has different payment systems depending on the use you need.

11. Audience Tool

Audiense tool

It is an amazing free analytics tool that is one of the most beautiful analytics tools in our list of the best social media marketing tools. The advantage of this tool is that it is free; They help you to more clearly understand your audience.

The tool helps you identify audiences who might like your content and offers suggested strategies to improve your performance on social media.

The tool has a free payment system, but it has other paid systems for more features.

12. ZeroFox Tool


Our list of security and privacy tools cannot be devoid of.. We offer you this unique tool whose tasks are to protect your accounts from hackers, impersonators and theft in general through its own systems.

The tool works on almost all social media, and its applications can be downloaded from Google app and Apple store. Perhaps the best thing about this tool is that it erases offensive and annoying comments.

In the end, we can say that the number of marketing tools on social media is endless, and we can make many lists of these tools, including data analysis tools, scheduling tools, tools to increase interaction, targeting tools, search tools and others.

But the most important thing is that you are good at choosing the tools that suit your needs, and realize their importance in achieving what you aspire to in the world of social media marketing