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1000 calories chart


Firstly you have to take out your BMR  (Basal metabolic rate). You can easily find out on google. BMR tells you how much calories do you require weight loss. Approximately 1389 Calories are burn-in a day without any workout. So if you take 1000 calories for the whole day you are 300 calories under then your body starts losing weight.


2 egg white contains 30 to 40 calories and if you make an omelette of egg whites with veggies then whole contains approximately 100 Calories. You can take a slice of brown bread that contains approximately 85 calories. Take a cup of green tea which is zero calories. Green tea cleanses your body and acts as a detoxifying drink.

Egg white veggies omelette=100. Brown bread slice=85                    Green tea=0                                    Total= 185 calories.


Take 3 tablespoons of yoghurt because it is a probiotic-rich helps to boost the immune system and contains approximately 65 calories.


Take 1 small roti which contains 60 calories. Along with roti, we have to take 100 g vegetable curry or lentil having approximately 250 calories. With lunch, our green part is a salad. 100 g of salad contains 100 calories. Roti=60                                                 100 g  Vegetable curry or lentil=250 100 g Salad=100.                                Total=410 Calories


Take one small sweet potato that contains approximately 110 calories and take one cup green tea.


In dinner, you have to take 100 g boiled chicken and 100 g Salad. So the whole dinner contains 230 calories.


Divide your meal into three portions 33% water, 33% main course and 33% green part. Make your meal balanced with water, salad and main course. This will prevent people from overeating.

Make your water intake good. Consume water as a priority drink. Water plays an important role along with diet for weight loss.

Increase your water conservation:

Drinking water throughout the day keeps you feeling full without consuming high calories beverages like tea, juice and other snacks that will make you gain weight.

Water before every meal:

Drink a glass of water before and after a meal to aid digestion because water will help your body to break down the food and nutrients.

Drink water to cut salt:

Drinking-Water reduces the amount of dietary salt you consume this can help you to lose water weight quickly. Removal of dietary salt when combined with a high intake of water cause a good effect on the body.