Your Complete Guide to Hair Mesotherapy Treatment in 2021


Hair mesotherapy is known as one of the most effective types of hair treatment, involving injections directly into the scalp, and works on the skin, skin connective tissue, blood circulation, immune system and sensorineural.

The goal of this treatment is to restore and increase microcirculation in the scalp, provide nutrients, slow the contraction of follicles, and stimulate hair growth. And chemicals the following ingredients can stimulate hair growth and encourages production of new hair, and can classify the substances used in mesotherapy as major components and other supplementary.

Mesotherapy injection treatment for hair

Mesotherapy is a non-surgical cosmetic medical treatment, used to restore volume and shine to light hair, involves the introduction of micro-injections of amino acids, vitamins and others into the epidermal layer of the skin, this stimulates the mesoderm layer and stimulates hair growth and promotes the production of new hair.

This technique depends on the fact that most of the hair loss problems occur due to hormonal imbalance around the hair follicles (such as the male hormone, lack of appropriate nutrients that will help hair health, reduced blood circulation in the scalp).

Mesotherapy solution injected into the scalp contains a combination of chemicals, vitamins, coenzymes and amino acids designed according to the patient’s requirements, mesotherapy helps to gradually restore hormonal balance encouraging the growth of new and healthy hair strands, both men and women can benefit from this technique.

Note: to carry out this technique, the skin must be clean and dry, sometimes anesthetic cream is used to numb the area before starting micro-injections into the treated area; these injections are made very quickly and with an interval of about 2 cm between each one.

How to perform mesotherapy for hair:

Mesotherapy for hair is performed in two ways:

1. Chemical mesotherapy

Components such as buflomidyl, minoxidil, finasteride, dutasteride, biotin, vitamins, and organic silicium are injected into the intermediate skin layer.

These ingredients work together to stimulate natural hair growth by improving blood circulation, neutralizing excess male hormone, reducing inflammation and stimulating collagen production to stop hair loss.

2. Mechanical mesotherapy

This movement leads to the production of collagen and elastin, helps in the formation of new tissues in your hair, and during this process there is no damage to the natural collagen contained in the scalp.

Duration of Mesotherapy injection treatment for hair:

As for the duration of Mesotherapy, the duration of treatment depends on the individual, but on average you will need treatment for about 4 months once a week.

The treatment usually extends eight sessions, one per week, for half an hour per session, the person should be patient and calm while applying this treatment as visible results are only observed approximately after the fifth session.

How many pokes per session:

Up to about 40 strands spread over the entire hair, the doctor injects about one notch of the syringe components into each strand.

Benefits of Mesotherapy for hair

There are many benefits that you get after mesotherapy which makes the treatment more common day by day, some of these benefits are as follows:

Use safe and effective technology together

Minimizing side effects such as allergic reactions, interaction pharmacological

Ensures rapid healing

Practically painless

Give hair some density due to stimulating hair growth

Prevents excessive precipitation

Encouraging follicles to move to the growing stage

Strengthens hair and restores its lost shine

Mesotherapy to reduce hair loss and treat alopecia and alopecia have proven to be as effective and sometimes more effective than oral tablets to restore and rejuvenate hair, because these digestive drugs need time to make a change and a clear effect, but mesotherapy is able to deliver a much lower dose of treatment directly to the affected area.

Damage to hair mesotherapy treatment

Since this technique is done at the surface levels of the dermis, hair mesotherapy has almost no side effects and is all temporary, and does not mean any danger to our health.

In some cases, some side effects of hair mesotherapy can be as follows:

Mild pain in the treated area

Slight itching of the scalp

Minor infections in the injected area

Mild headache

To avoid these consequences, doctors recommend usually using anti-inflammatory creams after each session, in addition, yet undergo for the patient should avoid damp areas such as saunas or swimming pools; also, it is strongly advised to protect the treated area from direct sunlight and solar radiation.

Both men and women can undergo this treatment; however it is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women, people undergoing chemotherapy, or those suffering from diabetes, heart disease, kidney or liver failure.

Mesotherapy for hair before and after

Everyone is looking for the effect of Mesotherapy for hair before and after injection sessions, so as to ensure the effective result of the most widespread technique around the world now, and already a full course of Mesotherapy allows you to achieve tremendous results from it:

Stop hair loss

Help hair growth by stimulating blood circulation in the follicles

The flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles

Cleaning the scalp from crusts and excessive fat that cause numerous problems

Enjoy hair density and thickness

Mesotherapy helps smooth and Shine Hair

Improves hair appearance, restores vitality, volume, health and beautiful shine

This is caused by the action of the components in the mesotherapy injection, which are as follows:

Vitamins of Group B thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), nicotinic acid (B3), folic acid (B9) and cyanocobalamin (B12) are especially valuable for hair health and normalization of metabolic processes.

Amino acids (arginine, threonine, lysine) are responsible for the formation of keratin fibers and are the “building material” for hair.

Copper-zinc peptides, these components prevent the deterioration of hair follicles, so they are recommended for the treatment of various forms of alopecia.

Hyaluronic acid-activates hair growth and is responsible for nutrition and hydration.

Coenzyme Q10 – accelerates blood circulation in the scalp, and fills cells with vital energy and stimulates hair growth.

In addition, ready-made professional components can be used for this procedure, since the composition of this method is selected so that all components are perfectly combined in their healing properties and complement each other, ensuring the maximum effect of the procedure.

Mesotherapy for hair for men

Many men suffer from hair loss and baldness problems, and try in various ways to return it to its former appearance without the need for forestry intervention, now mesotherapy is the perfect solution for you, it is an exceptionally effective non-surgical solution for hair loss and to increase the thickness of thin and dull strands, this treatment can be used for baldness or

A small amount of your mesotherapy formula is injected directly into the scalp that is affected by hair loss, this way the formula reaches the follicles directly.

The advantages of Mesotherapy for men:

In general: mesotherapy is an effective nutrient and Sports treatment for your scalp to grow hair strands, improve blood circulation, and strengthen your follicles leading to healthy hair growth.

Rapid recovery: this does not include the treatment of cracks or wounds that need time to heal, you can perform your usual tasks immediately after the operation.

Safe: the ingredients in the solution are selected with caution based on the patient’s requirements.

Painless: anesthetic cream is usually applied to your scalp before micro-injections, the needles in the injections are brittle and do not make you feel tight, the injection pain is very minimal, and the anesthetic cream takes care of all this.

Normal results: it’s been designed in a manner that helps to stimulate the growth of lashes by strengthening the follicles and improving the blood circulation, so the result will be normal.

Combining mesotherapy with other treatments

Mesotherapy has also been successfully used as an adjunct to other topical and oral treatments without any side effects. It has been used with butylene toxin to successfully treat alopecia cases, but if you are looking for ways to combine natural remedies and mesotherapy? Let’s take a look at some of the ways that you can do it!

Exercises and scalp massage

Mesotherapy is a great way to increase blood flow to the scalp, but it’s not the only way to do it, you can add massage and exercises for the scalp to your daily routine.

How to perform scalp massage

For best results, I recommend that you perform these massages when you wake up or before bedtime, this will increase the chances that you will remember to perform the massage which is essential in seeing improvements.

Here is a basic summary of the process:

Place your thumb, index finger and middle fingers on both sides of your head (just above the ears), start massaging in a circular motion and use different levels of pressure while doing it.

From the sides of the head, move up, continue your circular movements, return to the previous places as you do.

Slowly move to the middle of the hairline, continue to apply different levels of pressure, moving in circular motions.

Finally, move your fingers from the hairline to the tips, and finally to the base of the scalp.

This whole process should take about 10 minutes, although you can extend it if you wish.

How to perform scalp exercises

You can increase blood circulation by using facial muscles to “exercise” the scalp. Here’s how to do it.:

Raise your eyebrows as high as possible, hold them in place for two minutes. Return your eyebrows to the resting position.

Make your eyebrows as deep as possible, hold in place for two minutes, return your eyebrows to the resting position.

Raise your eyebrows as high as possible and hold for 3 minutes, then wrinkle your eyebrows as deeply as possible and hold for two minutes, returning to the resting position.

You can also use your fingertips to “tighten” the skin of the scalp, by putting two fingers on the scalp and push them and pull them away from each other.

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