You will never suffer from melasma spots again, here you find the final solution

Melasma is one of the intractable problems faced by women, as it causes them embarrassment because of its impact on the aesthetic appearance of the face. In fact, this problem affects a large segment of women, as the percentage of those affected by it reaches about 80% of women. The main causes of melasma revolve around excessive exposure to the sun, hormonal disorders, stress and body stress, and here we present but the natural solution to it.

Treatment of melasma with castor oil and sodium bicarbonate: Bring two drops of castor oil with a small amount of sodium bicarbonate. Mix the previous ingredients together well until they are well homogeneous. Rub the melasma spots using the ingredients of the recipe and leave it on your face for half an hour. Wash your face after the specified time with water. Then dry your skin well with a clean cotton towel. This recipe should be repeated three times a week to get impressive results.

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