Yeast is a solution to all your skin problems

Skin, hair and body care is important. Learn about the appropriate products to take care of them



Many are the girls who care about the agility of their bodies and follow many diets


who lose a lot of weight, despite the negative reflection on their faces, which appear


It has signs of severe emaciation, which gives the impression of fatigue and disease. and to avoid


So, here is the yeast and honey mask to fatten the face and show it better.


Yeast is one of the most beneficial substances for the body


And skin and hair, according to the latest discovery of its benefits


A team of researchers at Johns Hopkins University and Taiwan National University, they all concluded


That yeast has an effective effect in preserving the youth of the skin, and in delaying the appearance of wrinkles and reducing their percentage,


due to the presence of single-celled organisms inside


Yeast contains a specific protein responsible for


age-related changes. The study showed that suppressing these organisms artificially, can


This leads to rapid aging and a shortened life expectancy. On the other hand, the researchers noted that the recovery of these organisms leads to slower work


Significantly aging protein.



There are three types of yeast



Brewer’s yeast: It is a dough-like substance with a rectangular shape. As for instant yeast,


It is dried yeast sold in the supermarket, in the form of small granules the size of a grain of sugar.


Instant yeast and its benefits


Instant yeast has multiple cosmetic benefits, whether to gain weight


Ideal for hair straightening. But its most prominent benefit is in the freshness and purification of the skin.


Brewer’s yeast contains all of the B vitamins and is beneficial for people with diabetes


From weak nerves and appetite and from thinness. And the use of this yeast is very safe, and it is taken at the rate of two pills


Before the three meals for adults, and a pill before meals for those over twelve to eighteen.



How do you use yeast for the beauty of your skin?



You can prepare a mask for the skin from instant yeast, according to the method of the star Mai Ezz El Din.


Now, Madam Net offers you an ideal way to prepare a yeast mask.



the components:



A spoonful of yeast, a spoonful of honey, a lemon, a spoonful of yogurt.






Mix all the previous ingredients together until they become somewhat cohesive, then put them in


On your face for half an hour, then rub it, before washing your face with lukewarm water. Finish the application by applying a moisturizing cream.


Repeat this mask until you get the desired result

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