Wrong medical information

Many people transmit undocumented medical information without confirming its validity, and inherit it as fixed beliefs, and deal on the basis of it in their daily lives, but they are nothing but myths that they made up.






Wrong medical information


From this information, it is necessary to drink 8 glasses of water per day; The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine indicate that women need 2.7 liters, while men need 3.7 liters of total water intake.



The myth of “sugar makes children hyperactive” is also incorrect information that many people circulate. According to a study conducted in 1994, researchers discovered that sugar does not change children’s behavior. As the diabetic diet does not affect the behavior or cognitive skills of children in any way.



“Schizophrenia is a multiple personality disorder” is one misinformation that has been made up; As the schizophrenia patient may suffer a marked separation from reality along with hallucinations, delusions, and disturbances in thinking and speech, while multiple personality disorder is an extreme form of schizophrenia, and is characterized by a radical division in the patient’s personality into two or perhaps more personalities.






Medical myths believed by many


Some also resort to using butter and ice to treat burns, which exacerbates the problem. It is known that covering the burn with any cold material will relieve the pain a little, and blocking the air can keep the heat on the skin.



Among the medical misconceptions is that vaccines may cause autism, but researchers have not found any link between vaccinations and an increased risk of autism.

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