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Why You Should Put Orange Peel On Your Face

Are you looking for a bright skin free of wrinkles and melasma?
If you want to unify your skin color, you should use orange peeling, as it is the latest technology that serves the beauty of the skin.
This technique removes wrinkles and fine lines and gives a bright look to the skin.
In addition, it removes dead skin layers, revealing new skin layers and improving its elasticity.
The orange peel is trichloroacetic acid, and according to its concentration, its effect on the upper and middle layers,
She recommends it because it is necessary to get rid of the remnants of dead cells on the surface of the skin, in order to send indications to the layers of cells for regeneration and reproduction.
So, madam, you should do regular orange peeling, which prevents the accumulation of residues and dirt on the skin instead of letting it fester and exacerbate your skin problems.
What happens with orange peel TCA?
With TCA, the upper to middle layer of the epidermis is peeled off, and this depends on the concentration used.
In this way, light wrinkles can be treated, aging spots removed, and the goal is to have a bright and supple skin.
And the skin needs a longer period of time to heal from fruit acids. Usually, it is necessary to re-peel with TCA until we get the desired result.
In which areas can a woman use it?
It is often used on the face, and can also be used on the neck, arms and hands.
What are the steps to be taken before a TCA peel?
The skin should be cleaned well immediately before peeling, and it is preferable to use creams containing fruit acids before the peeling session from one to two weeks.
Is anesthesia required before peeling?
not necessary.
What happens during a TCA peel?
Temporary burning occurs and gradually subsides, and to reach a satisfactory result, we often need to re-peel after resting from one to two weeks.
What should be done after a peeling session?
1- You must clean your face daily for 7 days using warm water.
2- You should not be exposed to the sun, because exposure to the sun after peeling may cause brown discoloration on the skin, you must use a sunblock of 25 strength every morning before leaving the house.
3- You should not remove hair in any way for at least a month after peeling, because it causes skin irritation.
4- You can start using makeup after a week of peeling when you do not have any crusts or pain.
What are the side effects that can occur?
Rarely do any side effects occur using peeling, and redness of the face often occurs, and temporary dark spots appear.

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