Why should you avoid these cosmetic tricks?

Coffee scrubs and homemade lemon and toothpaste remedies may seem like an easy fix, but these manual remedies can do more harm than good.

It can be said that the innovation of skin care products, from ingredients that we can easily find at home, has grown tremendously over the past few years, since the quarantine began in particular, we have all found ourselves at home, trying to do new things, and follow the trends Online.

Accordingly, you should know that many skin care and beauty tools, that you make yourself are not useful, and may cause harm in the long run, and that when it comes to skin care, makeup and body care, it is important to be well aware of the ingredients that you put on your skin, So keep reading



The highly acidic properties of lemons make it a harmful natural ingredient, as it can cause obvious skin irritation, and while the acids can help reduce dark spots and exfoliate the skin, those in lemons and other citrus fruits are not suitable for topical use.

When applied directly to the face, lemon makes the skin very sensitive to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, putting you at risk of discoloration, sunburn, and general skin damage. Instead, it is best to stick to drinking lemon water to reap the benefits of the fruit.



While homemade coffee scrubs may not seem harmful, they do damage to your skin and wallet, by causing micro-tears and irritation, and can lead to extreme dryness and irritation, depending on your skin sensitivity, so instead try a gentle scrub that can soften the texture of your skin. cuticles without any tearing.



Trying to get rid of pimples overnight is something we all deal with, but you should avoid using toothpaste as a stain treatment, as it’s made of baking soda and peroxide, which irritates your skin, making it dry and flaky.

Also, leaving toothpaste on pimples overnight can aggravate them, leaving scars and marks, so we recommend you try hydrocolloid dressings, which visibly reduce pimples, most of the time overnight.



Vinegar has been extensively tested by people. However, its potentially harmful effects make it a product to be avoided in skincare.

Aside from its strong odor, when vinegar is applied directly to the face, it immediately causes a burning sensation that irritates the skin and can even expose you to superficial chemical burns.



Even if the idea of ​​applying glue, letting it dry and peeling off sounds completely satisfying, don’t do it, as glue is largely ineffective, and can also cause dryness and allergic reactions.

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