Why does food taste bitter after brushing teeth?

The worst time to enjoy eating must be after you have just brushed your teeth, as foods lose their delicious taste and most of them seem bitter to you, which is what researchers were recently able to explain and found its secret in the toothpaste you use.


While American Chemical Society researchers were trying to explain this phenomenon, they found a chemical substance that is usually present in toothpaste that makes the tongue unable to distinguish the sweet taste in food, and it also increases the sensation of bitter taste by destroying chemical compounds in the tongue whose mission is to inhibit the sensation. With bitterness in the mouth.


This chemical found in toothpaste is called SLS, short for “sodium lauryl sulfate,” and it is an effective substance that has a significant effect in protecting, cleaning, and preventing tooth decay, and is therefore very widely used by manufacturers.


This substance exerts its effect on the taste receptors for the feeling of sweet taste, among the ten thousand taste buds that are naturally present in the tongue, which makes a person hardly distinguish between lemon juice and orange juice if he has just brushed his teeth. However, this effect does not last long and returns. The human ability to distinguish taste after a short period of time.


There are taste receptors in the tongue that interact in a complex chemical way with saliva after eating, which makes a person distinguish between different foods, such as sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. However, this ability to distinguish taste may be modified as a result of various factors, including toothpaste, as appears in the study.

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