Why are we so sleepy after eating, and how to avoid it

It is often difficult for a person to continue working after eating a hearty and nutritious meal. That is, some people feel asleep and their productivity at work decreases, especially in the afternoon. What to do in this situation? There are some tips


The ideal solution is to sleep and take a nap, even for a short period. But we know at the same time that this possibility often becomes impossible in this contemporary era, as work requirements do not allow anyone to do so. However, one can allow oneself a little relaxation, even for just five or ten minutes, without leaving the office chair. But if even that is almost impossible, here are some tips that you must follow:


Leave the most selfless and important work for the afternoon.


Make sure to finish the work you don’t like in the morning.


Eat a light, non-fatty meal.


Do not let sharp sunlight penetrate the office.


Make sure there is adequate lighting in the office as lack of light causes one to sleep.


Do not let the heating increase beyond reasonable limits. The intensity of the heat causes drowsiness.


Keep your office in top condition: tidy, clean and files organized.


Get rid of all unnecessary papers.


Try to get your afternoon work done before going to eat.


Check your health condition: vision, hearing, and vitamins necessary for the body.


Do not remain seated throughout the work period, make repetitive movements, and try to work standing, even for a short period.


Raise your feet and place several books on the floor to place your feet in an elevated position, even if only for a short time.


Finally, lie down to sleep for ten minutes if you can.

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