Who should drink how many liters of water?

With the approach of the winter season, sudden weather changes throughout the country began to take effect. Dietitian Suheyla Subasi Kites, noting that nutrition should be paid attention to during the season passes, said that water consumption in winter is reduced and therefore water should be consumed in cold weather, equivalent to 35 milliliters per kilogram.


“In cold weather, water should be consumed equivalent to 35 milliliters per kilogram”


Dietitian Flying, talking about the decrease in water consumption in people with the cooling of the air, “The cooling of the air increases the likelihood of people getting sick, and at the same time, their diet deteriorates. We will tell you about how to eat more regularly and how your immune system is stronger. Water consumption, in particular, is severely reduced during the winter months. While we can easily consume a water with a temperature of 10-12 degrees in summer temperatures, the water at room temperature in winter comes cold to us. Therefore, in cold weather, which we have always observed in humans, water consumption is reduced by half and the decrease in water consumption causes the immune system to drop significantly. Therefore, you should never forget water consumption in cold weather, which is equivalent to 35 milliliters per kilogram. In cold weather, we should prefer food groups that will strengthen the immune system. Onions, garlic, ginger, for example, we should include vegetables that have antibacterial properties such as leeks in our meals. We can use these nutrients in salads, add them to soups, little by little add them to our meals. In order to strengthen our immune system, the use of broth in meals can also be good to drink broth like an intermediate meal. Even if you have a disease with a balanced and adequate nutrition in these months when your resistance is falling, you can make it lighter. We should start the day with a quality breakfast, enrich the day with healthy snacks, and rest the day with lunch and dinner ” said.


“One of the protein groups should be found in the main meal”


Flying, talking about the need to consume protein-weighted foods in the main dishes, “Especially in a healthy breakfast plate, eggs, cheese, olives, whole wheat bread, should be taken care of keeping vegetables of different colors, walnut from fatty seeds, almonds, almonds, etc, groups such as nuts should be enriched by omega-3. Then, in the main meal, one of the protein groups should be found. Meat, chicken, fish, dried legumes, vegetables with eggs can find options. In addition, we can take care to add these nutrients to the vegetables. Pay attention to salad consumption, especially for lunch and dinner, due to the vitamin content, we use the salad very often in summer, but we neglect it when the weather gets cold. In the interim meals, care should be taken about the consumption of fruits that are a source of vitamin C, and nuts or foods such as milk and yogurt can be added to ”



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