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White poison is the enemy of health

Specialists have warned of the effect of consuming large amounts of sugar, or “white poison” as they call it, on health. When a person eats more than his body’s need for sugar, it turns in the liver into fat and is stored in the body, causing several diseases, including diabetes, heart and liver diseases.


Specialists pointed out that it prolongs the life of foods, in addition to making the taste better, and linking the consumer to the commodity.


For its part, the American Heart Association advised limiting added sugars, which they estimated at six teaspoons for women, equivalent to 25 grams, and nine for men, equivalent to 37 grams.


It is also recommended to read carefully the recipes of the products, for example, a small soft drink can contains 39 grams of sugar, three pieces of cookies contain 11 grams, and four pieces of Oreo contain 14 grams.


The amount of sugar in fruits varies, as 147 grams of strawberries contain seven grams of sugar, while 150 grams of sweet potatoes contain eight grams, and 112 grams of pineapple contain nine grams. Two peaches and bananas, respectively, contain 15 and 17 grams, while 126 grams of red grapes contain twenty grams of sugar, and an apple and orange contain 24 grams each.


The specialists called for the exclusion of products that weigh 100 grams and contain 15 grams of sugar, in addition to excluding the addition of sugar in drinks such as coffee and tea, replacing soft drinks with water, and eating fresh fruits instead of canned ones. Experts advise adding fruits such as bananas, cherries and strawberries to some foods instead of sugar

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