White Clay Mask For All Skin


White Clay Mask For All Skin



3 Tablespoons White Clay

3 Drops of Apricot Oil

3 Drops of Olive Oil

1 Cup of Warm Water

Preparation and application:

Take the white clay in a small glass bowl.

Drip apricot and olive oil on the clay.

Add water slowly over the clay in the glass bowl. While adding the water, mix it with a wooden spoon. You don’t need to waste all of the water. The mask that has a cream consistency is ready.

Apply the mask on your face in a thin layer with your brush or fingertips.

Wait 15 minutes.

Wash off with plenty of warm water.

Dry with a towel.

Apply a moisturizer you use to your skin.


Take care to apply this mask regularly, which removes blemishes and black spots on your skin. Because when you do not comply with the application times, your skin may be irritated.

Oily skin can apply once a week.

Dry skin can be applied once every 2 weeks.

Combination skins can be applied once every 10 days.

If there is make-up on your skin before applying the mask, be sure to clean it. Even without make-up, apply the mask to your skin washed with soap.

When applying the mask to your skin, be careful not to get around the eyes and lips.

The time to keep the mask on your skin is understood when it dries. For this reason, do not forget to wash your skin as soon as the mask dries on your skin.

When preparing clay masks, be careful that the apparatus used are not metal or plastic. Because the minerals in the clay interact with metal or plastic when used. Thus, it may cause the efficiency you want to get from the mask not to be obtained. For this reason, use glass or wooden materials when preparing the mask.

If you want the clay mask to work better on your skin, you can steam your skin before applying the mask. If steam baths give your skin laziness, you can try the mask after shower.

White clay mask has many positive benefits on the skin. These;

Gives comfort by softening the skin.

It cleans the oil and dirt in the opened pores of the skin and provides tightening.

It removes wrinkles. It has the feature of tightening the skin.

It increases the blood circulation in the face.

It helps the skin look vibrant and bright.

With the magnificent effects of apricot and olive oil in the mask, the moisture content of your skin will be balanced.

With this mask that you can easily and cheaply make at your home, it is aimed to have a healthier skin as soon as possible.



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