Which is better cold or fractional peeling?


Many women resort from time to time to body or skin exfoliation to enjoy and maintain a fresh skin, as the process is based on removing the surface layer and dead cells using special preparations and methods that leave the skin softer and make it more youthful and healthy. Among these methods are cold peels and the fractional laser technique. Questions are constantly raised about which is better for the skin and more beneficial? This is what we will talk about in this article. So what is cold peeling? And what is the fractional laser technology? Which is better, cold or fractional peeling? To answer the questions, complete the article at the end.

What is a cold peel?

It is one of the skin peeling methods, and it is mainly based on the use of a lower concentration of lactic acid, unlike other exfoliators that contain acids that are harsh for the skin, which cause redness, sensitivity, irritations, and inflammation. The result of cold peeling appears with continuous and repeated use, as the layer of dead skin cells and impurities stuck in the pores of the skin are removed and eliminated in a more gentle and gentle way, and less harsh on the skin. The cold peeling works to treat pigmentation, dark spots and freckles.

What is fractional laser technology for skin?

One of the things we hear most about in the cosmetic field is fractional laser. It is an advanced laser technology that provides treatment in fractional form on the surface of the skin, unlike the old types of lasers as well as skin peeling methods, which remove a layer of the skin as a single piece. Fractional laser has proven effective in removing acne scars, surgical scars, restoring freshness and vitality of the face, tightening the face, removing wrinkles that appear with age, and rejuvenating skin cells, facial skin, neck and hands.

Which is better, cold peeling or fractional?

The peeling process, whether cold peeling of the skin or fractional laser peeling, is used to renew skin cells and remove the dead layer of skin cells and get rid of them, which develops a new skin layer, and makes the skin more fresh and brighter. Both are also used in the treatment of acne scars, wrinkles, and white lines associated with aging. Due to the fact that the skin is layers, the effect of peeling varies according to its depth, there are superficial, medium or deep peeling, and the cold peeling action is based on the use of chemical solutions that have different strengths according to the depth ratio as mentioned to peel the skin.

As for the fractional, it depends on the use of lasers to burn the dead skin layer. This method, despite its high cost, is more accurate and has the ability to exfoliate the skin.

For those with skin with dark spots and pigmentation, cold chemical peeling of the skin is recommended; As it helps to produce collagen and antioxidants, which makes it a good way to treat and get rid of the effects of pigmentation on the skin. The great importance of lasers lies in the desire to peel the skin to remove wounds or acne scars, and it gives a relatively stronger effect than cold peeling.

In any case, a doctor or a cosmetologist should be consulted about the best option that should be used to exfoliate the skin, so the situation differs when there are traces of wounds or pimples and scars that left a trace of pigmentation, and the depth of the effect of each of them The method of peeling that must be used differs in each case.

In the end, the main thing that must be considered and taken care of is the period after peeling; As it is more important than the peeling itself; Since the resulting skin is delicate and thin; It needs severe skin care, and a condom must be applied when exposed to sunlight.

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