When will the result of a facelift with threads appear?

Carebeauty Magazine presents to you when the result of a facelift with threads appears, my experience with a facelift with threads, lumps after a facelift with threads, how to sleep after a facelift with threads, instructions after a facelift with threads, and disadvantages of a facelift with threads, as we progress With age, our skin loses its youthful appearance, and the signs of aging become more evident, as the face and neck areas are common areas where wrinkles and sagging skin appear.


When will the result of a facelift with threads appear?


A thread facelift is a minimally invasive alternative to facelift surgery that helps tighten your skin by inserting a medical grade thread material into your face and then pulling it up through the thread.


The results of a thread lift should appear immediately after the threads are put in place, but you may notice them more in the days and weeks immediately following their insertion, after the swelling and bruising begin to subside. The results of a thread lift are not supposed to be permanent, as the successful effects usually last. From one to three years, because the threads used in the operation will eventually be absorbed by the tissues under the skin. A facelift with surgical or golden threads is not a surgical procedure in the required sense, as it is a simple operation that takes place under local anesthesia so that the patient is alert and semi-conscious of what is happening. The patient can leave The hospital or clinic where the lift was performed after the completion of the procedure to begin the recovery journey and the emergence of results that begin gradually so that the final shape of the skin becomes complete after about a month of the lift. A facelift surgery usually leads to longer lasting results than a thread facelift. The results of a facelift surgery can last up to a decade, while a thread facelift generally lasts from one to three years.


My experience with a thread lift


We will explain the experiences of some women with face-lifting with threads, and the change that this experience brought about in their lives, and among these experiences:


The first experience: One of those who did a face lift with threads, Nova, says that after the birth of her daughter, her skin changed dramatically, as sagging appeared around her nose and mouth, and she says: Because I had done Botox and fillers before, I always discussed with my doctor the threads, but I was worried about the side effects and results, and in the end I did it with 29 From June, I put two sutures on each side. The whole operation was quick and painless. I waited for the pain after the anesthesia ended, but it did not happen. On the day after the operation, I felt some pain when chewing, but the result came exactly as I expected, and I may add another suture after a month. I feel a slight swelling But it is definitely not noticeable. I will add this to my skin care routine. I am looking forward to seeing my skin in 6 months from now, when I reach the ideal time for the results to appear. The second experience: one of the subjects of a face-lift with threads says: When I reached the age of forty, I found that wrinkles began to appear in a form It became very big and it bothered me a lot, and I did a lot of things, but it did not produce a satisfactory result, so I performed a face-lift with threads, and the doctor told me that this is the best solution, so I pulled my face with threads, despite some pain My mother, who experienced swelling, redness, and pain while talking and eating, but all of this disappeared after about a month, and I found amazing results in the disappearance of wrinkles around the mouth and eyes, and my look became 10 years younger. The third experience: Mrs. Sana says, explaining details of her experience With the facelift with golden threads: With the tremendous progress witnessed in the world of cosmetics, other types of cosmetic threads have appeared, classified as non-surgical, the most famous of which is the golden threads. It is what the doctor used to lift my face, which was suffering from sagging. After the doctor examined me, he told me that the best way to lift my face is thread lift, and I had never heard of it before. Gold thread therapy involves implanting pure gold threads with a diameter of 0.1 mm under the skin. It has been proven that this treatment provides support or strengthening for tissues, and that the body reacts With threads it may lead to the production of collagen fibers around the threads with the aim of skin regeneration.


Lumps after facelift with threads


Usually, swelling occurs after the procedure, which may disappear within 24 hours. Bruising appears and continues for 5 to 14 days. A change in sensation and feeling of the face may occur temporarily due to local anesthesia, and this condition does not last more than several hours.


The specialist doctor should be informed of all the medications taken by the doctor months before the operation, because taking one of the following medications: aspirin, revo, multivitamins, and cortisone leads to dilution in the blood. It is not possible to resort to a facelift with threads in the case of large wrinkles, sensitive skin, and dry skin as well. Smiling or laughing should be avoided as much as possible for at least two weeks since the operation, because any exaggerated movement may hinder the growth of the skin over the threads accurately and its mixing with tissues naturally. You must wait a bit and consult your doctor about all the questions that come to your mind, in order to avoid most of these symptoms and get the taut facial skin that all women dream of.


How to sleep after a facelift with threads


With age, preserving the skin from sagging and tightening facial wrinkles becomes a preoccupation for many, especially women who are more inclined to plastic surgery. The way to sleep after a facelift with threads:


The sleeping position after the operation should be on the back, in order to avoid any damage to the sutures. Medications must also be taken on time. Painkillers that help relieve the feeling of pain resulting from the operation must be taken. The face cannot be touched by anything. This position may be difficult for those who are used to sleeping on their side. Therefore, it is useful to start adopting this position months before the operation. Sleeping on the back is a good habit that must be followed regardless of the surgical procedure. According to many dermatologists, sleeping on the side is one of the most important factors in the appearance of wrinkles on the face. In addition, sleeping on the back has many benefits, as it helps relieve back pain and allows for a deeper, more restful sleep.



Instructions after a facelift with threads


The doctor will ask you a lot of instructions and instructions, follow them carefully to avoid side effects and control them if they occur:


Try to limit facial movement for 24 hours and avoid applying face creams or make-up for 48 hours. Do not drink from a straw because it causes muscle tension. Keep the head elevated (including bending below heart level) at an angle of 45 degrees for 5-7 days. Avoid direct sunlight, use sunscreen, and stay away from cooling devices.

Apply an ice cube in the event of redness or swelling in the face. Wash the face gently and very carefully, and avoid massaging the face for two weeks after the thread lift procedure.

Itching and mild discomfort, burning and pain are normal and nothing to worry about. Avoid alcoholic beverages and blood thinners for seven days. Avoid taking vitamin A, E, and C for a week. Avoid physical activities for a week after the thread lift procedure. Commitment to periodic reviews of the specialist doctor a week after the face-lift procedure with threads. Avoid opening the mouth wide, and it is preferable to refrain from going to the dentist for a period of time not exceeding two weeks. You should avoid taking anti-inflammatory drugs, because inflammation is necessary in order to start the process of collagen formation.

Disadvantages of facelift with threads


The defects of facelift with threads appear in some people who choose to undergo this operation, and these damages may result from an error in its procedure or from various other factors, including:


The appearance of scars on the skin after the operation, especially if the skin does not accept the material from which the threads were made. In some cases, a kind of inability to move one side of the face normally (or what is known as facial nerve damage) occurs after a face-lift operation, and this is considered worse. Disadvantages of thread facelift The possibility of catching infection due to exposure of the surgical site to bacteria. The patient suffers from asymmetry between the two sides of the face, so that one side appears more taut than the other. Excessive thread tension causes discomfort and some pain, so a doctor should be consulted in this case.

One of the ends of the thread may come out from one of the ends of the thread after a while, and the threads may be clearly visible under the skin. Some injuries have been recorded in the sinuses as a result of the threads touching the sinuses and the doctor not observing the delicate anatomy of the face. It may also happen that one of the threads used during the operation falls, which results in It is caused by sagging facial skin that has been tightened. Some people may suffer in very rare cases from threads penetrating the sinuses. The thread may cause some abnormal secretions such as pus and other irritating fluids to come out.

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