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When does hair loss indicate a lack of vitamins? - Care Beauty

When does hair loss indicate a lack of vitamins?


Women’s hair is the crown of her beauty, and the title of her femininity, so the issue of hair loss becomes important to all women in the world, and a source of concern for them. Here, we are not talking about the natural hair loss, which is considered at a rate of one hundred hair per day, but about the medical conditions that must be examined and find effective solutions to treat them.

Hair loss in more than the normal range is a clear indication of a defect in the provision of one of the important elements in the body, or a pathological defect in one of the organs.

The solution may be nutritional supplements to compensate for the deficiency and treat hair loss, so here are some of these vitamins to help you restore vitality and freshness to your hair:

Vitamin (A)

It is naturally found in potatoes, liver, spinach, carrots, and egg yolks, and it is the vitamin responsible for shiny hair, moisturizing the scalp and not drying it, and it contains antioxidants.

Biotin – Vitamin (B7)

It is found naturally in liver, salmon, eggs, nuts and oats. Biotin is considered one of the most important vitamins for hair, as it is responsible for hair growth, beauty and increase in length.

Vitamin (B12)

It is found naturally in dairy products, and it helps the body absorb iron from food because it is known that iron deficiency leads to hair loss.

Vitamin C

It is found naturally in citrus fruits and is responsible for treating dry hair and rehydrating it.

Vitamin (B)

It is found naturally in cereals, meats and milk. It is one of the most powerful vitamins responsible for regenerating hair and skin cells, as all types of vitamin (B) are included under it.