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What should be considered when choosing a perfume ?

What should be considered when choosing a perfume ? What can be said about perfume smells and their meanings?

Perfume is one of the products that we all use regularly without neglecting it. As such, it is important to make the right choice.

So how should perfume be chosen, what could be the tricks?

Lets start.

Perfume scents and their meanings

Let’s take a look at the meanings of perfume scents, shall we?

Fruit-scented perfume: Orange, tangerine peel

It is stated that scents such as orange, tangerine and grapefruit increase creativity. For example, Mimar Sinan used to squeeze citrus peels in his hands and draw them.

Floral scented perfume: Rose scent

Depending on the type of flower, the effect it creates is also different. We can capture many effects such as concentration and attention with floral scents. It is stated that Fatih Sultan Mehmet also used rose scent.

jasmine scent

The scent of jasmine is recommended for anyone who needs courage and self-confidence. It has been observed that women who are separated from their spouses and cheated on tend to the scent of jasmine because it is good for psychology. In addition, the scent of jasmine has antidepressant properties.



linden scent


Everyone needs the scent of linden, which gives serenity and calmness, at some point in their life. Atatürk also used the scent of linden and jasmine in his daily life.




Cinnamon, known for its medicinal properties, is also used as a fragrance. Kösem Sultan used the scent of cinnamon, which has a relaxing feature.


Things to consider when choosing a perfume


What perfume should you use? Let’s talk about the points to consider when choosing a perfume.


What kind of perfumes should young girls use?


Young girls, whose energies are already high enough, should choose light scents that will not tire both themselves and the others in their perfume selection.


Floral scent and vanilla scent will be an ideal choice for ladies up to 25 years old. The orchid scent suits many skin tones. In times of stress, they can use citrus scents.


It is recommended that young girls stay away from harsh and sharp odors.

Who should use candy fragrances


Since sugar odors are a very clear odor, they are also risky because they cause a very bad perception with the smell of sweat. For this reason, sugar-scented perfumes should be avoided in cases where adequate cleaning cannot be achieved.


Contrary to the menopause period and afterwards, sugary scents are recommended, which are in harmony with the hormones secreted. Perfumes containing vanilla, cinnamon and cocoa are called sugary perfumes.


Who should use spicy fragrances?


Spice scents are recommended to attract attention when going to job interviews. Spice scents provide self-confidence support on such important days. Because spice scents have a stimulating effect.


Spicy scents need to be used in winter as opposed to summer. Since the smell of spices, which is not recommended for the elderly and those working indoors, can disturb people, it can bring more harm than good.




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