What is the skin microbiome


Terms such as microbiome and skin microbes are unfamiliar to many, and although we find that they are easy to understand, they are also very important, and although the microbiome is not visible to the naked eye, it certainly should not be ignored because it helps to support a healthy appearance and healthy beautiful skin, so it is necessary to know well what is


 Definition of skin microbiome

The epidermis is very similar to the intestine, as the epidermis is home to many billions of living microorganisms also known as skin plants or called the skin microbiome, an invisible ecosystem that lives on the skin and works to keep the skin and skin in good health .


The skin microbiome is something unique to you just like fingerprints , and although there are some parts that are similar in each person, but other parts are determined by personal factors of each individual and this includes genetics and lifestyle, such as where a person lives, what he eats and even if a person deals with pets, the skin microbiome also varies throughout the

Importance of the microbiome for the skin

If you are wondering what your skin microbes do from day to day, the answer is a lot, by protecting the skin from unfriendly organisms and helping to manage the pH of the skin, we find that the microbiome makes important contributions to protect the skin, and the skin microbiome is responsible for the production of skin nutrients and essential fats in the skin, although scientific studies have shown differences between the microbiome in dry skin and normal skin, and essentially the skin microbiome makes an important contribution to things that make your skin feel and look healthier .

Imbalance of the skin microbiome

A diverse balanced microbiome supports many of the processes that the skin needs to maintain health and elasticity, but when the microbiome is exposed to imbalance you may not see a noticeable difference, but the microbiome may work less effectively providing less support to the skin, and studies have shown a link between a significantly unbalanced microbiome and a variety of skin conditions

An important question is how a body wash can help in the care of skin microbes, the answer is gentle cleansing because being gentle with the microbiome is in turn gentle on the skin, that means using products that respect the pH of the skin and its microbiome during washing, so the lotion is made from 100% of gentle cleansers free of sulfate and is

Healthy function of the skin microbiome

We know that intestinal microbes affect the health of our skin, but another factor that is not talked about is the cutaneous microbiome, as our microbiome is actually the skin’s first line of defense against harmful bacteria and foreign organisms, and current research has shown a link between the microbiome and unhealthy skin conditions .

Unfortunately many factors can make the skin unbalanced, and restoring this balance requires careful work and therefore it is necessary to recognize what a microbiome is and how you can maintain its healthy function .

Your cutaneous microbiome is a community of microorganisms that live on the surface of your skin, these microorganisms are mostly bacteria, but they can be made up of fungi and viruses as well, but maintaining a variety of microbiomes is essential for the health of your skin, and this diversity and abundance helps your skin to defend itself against harmful microorganisms, dryness,

Current and ongoing research supports the idea that an imbalance in our skin microbes leads to harmful skin diseases. For example, skin with active eczema disorders loses its bacterial diversity, where it is dominated by staphylococcal bacteria instead .

Common bacteria in the skin can stack the surface of your skin and lead to problems such as acne, dermatologists often prescribe antibiotics to treat severe acne, and the effects of a defect in the skin microbiome can include acne, dermatitis, inflammation and irritation .

Causes of disruption of the work of the skin microbiome

A number of factors can cause your skin’s microbiome to malfunction, and since the balance of bacteria on the skin is very delicate, it can be easy to cause imbalance if you are not conscious, as the balance of the ingredients you apply may preserve the skin’s microbiome .

Harmful and harsh skin cleansers

Your cleanser should be harsh on dirt and build-up, but it should be gentle on the skin, skin products should support the natural way the skin works to maintain the ratio of natural oils, and the use of alkaline cleansers can disrupt the pH of your skin naturally as there is a close link between good bacteria and the ideal pH of the

Excess peeling of the skin

Even if you use a gentle exfoliator, beware of peeling too much as excessive exfoliation leads to damage and damage to the microbiome, often this leads to excessive dryness, and a lot of products cause the oil to be removed from the surface of the skin, although this seems a good idea for oily skin, but in the long term it will

UV exposure

The microbiome helps protect the skin from external stressors, and not protecting it from UV rays and other external stressors causes a lot of problems, and these factors can lead to skin damage and dehydration that affects the bacteria on your skin .

Healthy bacteria really keep the skin, this ingredient selectively nourishes the skin well and prevents any unwanted microorganisms, experts suggest that there are certain types of sugars that feed the good bacteria, good bacteria can keep the fermented skin, fermentation is the process of introducing healthy bacteria to break down sugars and acids, fermented food products can also be great for gut microbes , incorporating some of

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