What is the relationship of aging skin to the health of your body?


And we answered this question from some readers: What is the relationship of aging of the skin to the health of your body? And we answer clearly that the relationship is positive and opposite, so the more the health of the body, the better all this is reflected in the skin, and let us be realistic. Today about the most important skin changes that come with aging and deterioration of health in some detail through the following lines

The most important changes to skin that come with aging

As we age, changes like these occur naturally:

The skin becomes rougher: it loses the required elasticity due to the decline in the production of collagen fibers responsible for the smoothness and youth of the skin.

Skin lesions such as benign tumors: This condition may be compounded in women with white and sensitive skin.

The appearance of skin wrinkles: the loss of elastic tissue (elastin) in the skin with age, in addition to long-term exposure to the sun, leads to the appearance of skin wrinkles and fine lines. .

The skin becomes more transparent and this happens because of the thinning of the skin (where the fat accumulated under the surface layer of the skin decreases, so the skin is thin and the lighter the more, the more transparent, and blue veins and veins may appear clearly, but these are not signs of disease at all as some think).

The skin becomes more fragile and weak: this occurs because the area becomes thinner and the skin’s protective barrier weakens with age, so you may notice that scratches and pimples become more difficult to treat.

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The skin is affected by bruising more easily over time, and this is due to the thin blood vessel walls.

Paleness of the skin due to the lack of oxygen pumping to the skin and poor blood circulation, in addition to a lack of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the freshness and smoothness of the skin.

Dark spots from sun exposure appear unprotected for a long time, so don’t underestimate how important it is to apply sunscreen in the short and long term.

In fact, the signs of skin aging are a must, but it is your role to reduce its impact as much as possible by taking care to moisturize it with moisturizers, drinking water permanently, and applying sunscreen on a daily basis.