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What is the reason for the appearance of red spots on the body

Dr. Olga Andrianova, a dermatologist and cosmetologist, announced that the appearance of red spots on the body may indicate allergies or stress.

“Red spots can appear as an allergic reaction to different types of allergens, including food allergy, insect bite allergy, pets, dust, or flowering,” she says in an interview with Izvestia newspaper. Or from washing powder, or as a result of an infectious disease.

According to her, to determine the cause of the appearance of red spots can conduct laboratory analyzes, and then, depending on their results, prescribe the necessary treatment.

She says, “In some cases, it is enough to remove the allergen, so that the red spots disappear automatically. But in other cases, medications must be used to remove them quickly.”

The expert points out that red spots can appear after using cosmetics, or after various cosmetic procedures.

She says: “Painful cosmetic procedures can cause an allergic reaction, including: chemical peeling, mechanical cleansing and the use of patients at home for exfoliators and other tools used in cosmetics or cosmetics such as ointments, creams, etc., which can damage the skin and cause, if not Allergic reaction, red spots. In this case, it is necessary to remove these preparations from the skin and use antiallergic drugs.

And she adds, red spots can appear when suffering from skin diseases such as rosacea or rosacea acne, as well as due to stress.

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