What is the favorite intermittent fasting diet for the stars?

What is the favorite intermittent fasting diet for the world’s stars? Is it useful and reduces weight and what is the best way to follow it, especially for beginners? Follow all the details in the following lines to lose excess weight effectively in record time and we also show you the experiences of Hollywood and Bollywood stars with it .


What is the intermittent fasting diet and the best way for it?


The intermittent fasting diet is called 16:8, and the reason behind this is that it depends on fasting for a period of up to 16 hours and this is the best way for it. Eating food is limited to only 8 hours throughout the day, the hours are continuous or separate, and during the fasting period it is allowed With water and drinks, whether tea, coffee or juices, without adding sugar and sweeteners.


Is intermittent fasting beneficial?


The benefits of intermittent fasting are many and varied for the overall health of the body and the skin, including:


Reducing inflammation in the body, joints and bones. Protects against obesity and its related diseases such as diabetes, especially in its second stage. This diet plays a major role in stimulating the body to secrete more collagen that is beneficial for the health of skin, nails and hair and is also responsible for regulating hormones. Treats fatigue and symptoms of general fatigue Beneficial for skin health and clears it of impurities and grains. Intermittent fasting contributes to the prevention of heart diseases and cancer. It enhances the cognitive power of the brain and protects against mental illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and dementia. Does intermittent fasting reduce weight and the number of kilograms lost per week?


Because the system depends on restricting calories that enter the body at certain times that do not exceed 8 hours, this helps to increase the burning speed and get rid of fat and thus lose excess weight very easily. In the first week, intermittent fasting followers lose 5-7 kg, as for weight. Loss per month may exceed 15 kg.


What are the mistakes of intermittent fasting? During fasting hours, drink sugar-sweetened drinks and liquids, even if it is diet sugar or lemon. Excessive food intake during the hours allowed to eat. Drinking soft drinks and unhealthy food. Not drinking enough water throughout the fasting period. Or eating food. Increasing the fasting hours from 14-16 hours, especially for women, because this may affect them negatively. Here is the diet in detail.


In order to start intermittent fasting in detail and in a proper way, follow these steps:


Set your waking hour, for example, at 8 am. You have now started the fasting hours, drink water, one cup is enough for the beginning of the day. At 9 am, have your coffee without sugar or bleach. At 1 pm, eat a healthy lunch full of vegetables and elements. Useful. Then continue your fast. At 4 pm, eat a light meal of fruits or vegetables. At 8 pm, eat a healthy light dinner. At 9 pm you start your fast again.


The way to follow this diet varies and has many regulations and appointments,


When does the weight loss begin after the start of the diet?


The body begins to change and lose weight starting from the 10th day after the start of the diet, and the actual weight that makes a difference is within 2-10 weeks, and this is the period during which others feel a significant difference in their previous and current weights.


Hollywood and Bollywood stars promote intermittent fasting


Alia Bhatt:


The young Bollywood star Alia Bhatt stated that she follows the 8:16-hour intermittent diet, which for her is the most effective regimen that helped her lose 16 kg of weight in just 3 months.


Jennifer Aniston:


American star Jennifer Aniston revealed in 2019 that the intermittent fasting diet has changed her life for the better, and said that she used to wake up and never eat anything but coffee or green celery juice.


Mallika Arora:


Indian Diva Mallika Arora says that intermittent fasting is a great solution for her fitness, and confirmed that the last meal she eats is between 7-8 in the evening, and she does not eat anything in the morning and depends on liquids throughout the 16 hours of fasting.


Halle Berry:


In 2018, actress Halle Berry promoted the intermittent diet on Instagram, and said that she eats her first meal at 2:00 in the afternoon and praised the effectiveness of fasting in losing excess weight.


Scarlett Johansson:


Speaking to Harper’s Bazaar, Scarlett Johansson’s fitness trainer said that the famous actress relies on an intermittent fasting diet for periods of up to 16 hours to lose any excess weight as required by her roles.