What Is Lip Peeling, How Is It Done?


Do you want to have smooth, moisturized and fresh lips? Then you are in the right place: We explain step by step what is lip peeling and how to do it!

If you are someone whose lips dry and chapped frequently, you should know how annoying this situation can be. Continuously applying lip balm on your lips, starting to peel off after a point and pain… You can get rid of the dead skin on your dry lips by using lip peels and make them look fresher.

What is Lip Scrub?

Lip peeling is a method of removing dead skin on the lips by applying a granular product to the lips. Frequently dry lips may appear a little rough and wrinkled. To prevent this, you can exfoliate your lips to get rid of dry dead skin and make your lips look fresher and moist. Your lips free from dead skin will look much smoother, moisturized and healthy.

How To Do Lip Peeling?

All you have to do is apply a granular peeling product with natural ingredients to your lips. While these particles are purified from the dead skin of the lips, it will be moistened and nourished with other oils and beneficial ingredients in the product. Sugar-containing peeling products are one of the most successful ingredients in lip peeling.

After you exfoliate your lips 1-2 times a week, you can continue to protect them by moisturizing. You can still use natural lip moisturizers for this. Thus, you can moisturize your lips renewed with peeling and make them look much smoother.

Lip Scrub Recommendation

If you are looking for a product to exfoliate your lips, we can recommend L’Oréal Paris Sugar Peeling Shine Refreshing, which we use very fondly on our skin with its natural sugar content. Thanks to 3 naturally sourced sugars, grape seed oil, vitamin E and Monoi oil in this peeling, it makes your lips soft while peeling at the same time. We guarantee your lips will be like a baby after applying the sugar lip scrub!

Editor’s Note: If you like this method, which we also love, you can use other varieties of L’Oréal Paris Sugar Peelings for lip scrubs.

Afterwards, you can apply a good lip balm to your lips, moisturizing and protecting them more. Our recommendation for this is Kiehl’s Butterstick lip creams. It nourishes and smoothes the lips with its coconut oil and lemon oil. If you want more intensive care, you can apply Kiehl’s Buttermask lip mask at night before going to sleep.

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