What is Hand Peeling, How is it done?


Now is the time to pamper our hands, which have been worn out due to external factors throughout the day! Especially lately, washing hands frequently, cleaning constantly and wearing latex gloves have damaged our hands so much! Do you notice how dry and hard your hands are?

You can make your hands softer by doing regular peeling and hand care. Regular hand care will prevent your hands from drying out and exfoliating.

What is a hand peeling?

Hand peeling is a type of care that is applied on the skin of the hand and provides removal of dead skin. If your hands are constantly drying, it’s only a matter of time before you see the first signs of aging on them! The wrinkles concentrated in the middle of the fingers are the first traces of old age on the hands. Hand scrub will remove dryness on your hands and prevent their hands from aging.

Editor’s suggestion: Don’t wait for a hand scrub to do hand care. Ph rates in soaps tend to dry our hands. For this reason, you should apply a hand cream after washing your hands.

Homemade peeling recipes

You should choose the best hand creams for hand scrub at home. Homemade recipes for hand peeling are also provided. However, we cannot say that we trust home recipes for hand care. Hand peeling recipes with lemon, orange or coffee can cause sensitivity and dry hands. Instead of applying such acid-containing natural products directly to your skin, it will be healthier to use hand creams made of natural ingredients and passed allergy tests. We do hand care with the products we trust most to pamper our hands 😇

Editor’s Favorite

We tell you one of the best hand creams, are you ready? CeraVe Repairing Hand Cream is a product that intensely moisturizes the hands and removes dryness. In this period when we constantly wash our hands, we apply CeraVe hand cream 3-4 times a day, whenever we feel dry. The important feature of this cream is moisturizing our hands while at the same time strengthening the barrier of our skin. So our hands are less drying and cracking!

How is hand peeling done?

Step 1: Clean your hands

The first step in hand care is cleaning. To clean your hands, use a soap that cleanses your first hands without hardening. As you know, the thing we did the most during this period was cleaning hands, so we do not tell you how to clean hands. Foam your hands for 20 seconds, rinse with plenty of water.

Step 2: Exfoliate your hands

There is an important point you should pay attention to while doing hand peeling: Where should the hand peeling be done? Pretty thin on our hands. As we age, the fat under the skin melts and the hand skin begins to sag and wrinkle. Peeling will not be good for the skin on the hands. For this reason, you should do the hand peeling on the flesh around the edges of your nails, fingers and palms.

How to make a hand peeling: Apply the scrub to your wet hands. Carefully rub your fingers and palms with the exfoliating cream. After 30 seconds, rinse with plenty of water. We recommend that you do the hand peeling once a week.

Step 3: moisten your hands

Your hands will need intense moisturizing after hand peeling. For this, we will recommend one of the best hand creams. Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Hand Cream is one of the favorite hand creams for dry hands! Containing avocado and sesame oil, this hand cream intensely moisturizes hands, leaving them feeling soft. Kiehl’s hand cream, which is instantly absorbed, provides a velvety feel without leaving a sticky feeling on the hands. After exfoliating, apply hand cream all over your hands and spread it all over your hands, including between your fingers.

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