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What happens when you drink tomato juice daily? - Care Beauty

What happens when you drink tomato juice daily?


Although some scientists emphasize the danger of consuming fresh juice, there are scientists who assert the opposite regarding tomato juice and its benefit to the body, indicating that eating it daily supports health.

What are the properties of tomato juice?

Prevents Cancer – Not many people have thought why tomatoes are red.

Tomatoes are red in color because of the lycopene pigment, which is the strongest antioxidant substance that prevents the development of malignant tumors, and also helps to prevent them. By the way, even pasteurized tomato juice retains all its beneficial properties.

Eliminates Stress- Tomatoes compared to other vegetables have many great advantages. Because it contains a high percentage of the hormone serotonin. Therefore, eating a cup of tomato juice gives the body many vitamins and a good dose of the happiness hormone.

Which, in turn, helps fight depression, relieves stress and nervous tension, and improves mood.

Cleans the lungs – This feature benefits addicts to smoking more than others. Tomato juice thanks to its antioxidant properties prevents flatulence. Moreover, tomato juice is rich in Vitamin C that a smoker especially needs.

And those who constantly breathe polluted air should drink tomato juice regularly because it helps to clean the lungs in polluted air areas.