What happens to your body if you follow a fruit diet for one week?

We are all looking for a short-term diet, which makes us lose weight quickly and effortlessly. It may be a difficult request, but nothing is impossible. After reading the lines below, you will be able to follow a diet for a week, but it requires a little effort. We are talking about the fruit diet, or what is known as the Fruitarian Diet. Yes, as its name indicates, it is based on eating fruits and other foods that we will introduce you to in this article, in addition to the benefits of this diet. Here are all the details!


What is a fruit diet?


It is a vegetarian diet par excellence, based on eating fruits for one week. In addition, you can, dear, eat non-starchy vegetables, dried fruits and raw nuts. In short, it is a strict and fast diet. It is forbidden to eat grains, cooked foods, and of course processed foods.


If you want to follow a fruit diet, you can, for example, eat meals for a week as follows:


Breakfast: a large smoothie of banana, plus two other types of fruitSnack: a handful of peaches, figs or dried apricotsLunch: two large plates of non-starchy fruits and vegetables, including grapes and berries, in addition to nutsSnack: a handful of dried fruitDinner: a bowl of fruit that includes avocado, lemon, and cucumber After dinner: a handful of raw almondsFruits diet benefits


If you follow the Fruitarian Diet for a week, you will get a lot of benefits on the body, because fruits contain a group of many vitamins and fiber. Among these benefits:


Losing about 2 or 3 kilograms Lowering the level of cholesterol in the blood Stimulating bowel movementMaintaining the health of teeth and gumsHigh level of potassium in the body Promote red blood cell productionProtect the skin from heat and fading Fruits diet side effects


Eating nothing but fruits for a long time, is not recommended by nutritionists, because it carries many harms on the body. of between it:


The body lacks protein to a large extentThe body’s lack of many nutrients such as amino acids, omega 3, iron, zinc and vitamin DRaising the level of fructose in the bodyFeeling lethargic and unfocusedUnstable blood sugarLosing a large percentage of muscle and useful fat



Therefore, if you want to resort to the Frutarian diet or the fruit diet, make sure that it is for a maximum of 7 days. Thus, you will lose a few kilograms in a short time, and this will be a motivating step for a healthy diet based on all nutrients! Of course, do not do this without consulting a specialist.




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