What happens if you stop smoking?

* After 20 minutes of stopping smoking, blood circulation begins to improve.

After 8 hours, the blood can carry more oxygen after half of the carbon monoxide and nicotine have been removed.

After 24 hours, red blood cells become fully oxygenated after the carbon monoxide has been completely eliminated.

After two days, there is no trace of nicotine left in the body.
After two weeks, heart rate and blood pressure return to normal.

* In the first 3-5 years, the risk of heart disease and heart attack decreases significantly compared to smokers to reach the normal rate as it is for non-smokers after about 10-15 years, and the fatal coronary heart disease rate decreases by 36% upon quitting about smoking.

After 10-15 years, the risk of developing lung cancer is halved compared to smokers.
People often ask, is smoking light or filtered cigarettes less dangerous? In fact, the danger of smoking continues with this type of cigarette, because the smoker takes a continuous deep breath, which causes blockage of the ventilation holes in the cigarette filter, which is no less dangerous, and hookah smoking is no less dangerous than cigarettes, but one head of a hookah (Al-Jrak) or hookah (Al-Mu’asal) is equivalent to smoking 40 cigarettes. Hookah or hookah smokers are more at risk of heart diseases and cancers of the lung, lips, mouth and bladder.

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