What effect does carbonated water have on the body?

Many of us drink carbonated water, such as in large quantities, without knowing what effect it has on the body or what its harms are. There are many people who drink Coca-Cola in very large quantities and do not know what effect it has on their body.


Here we will learn about what happens inside the human body in the first hour of drinking Coca-Cola, as reported by the “Egypt News” website:


-And in the first ten minutes:


The equivalent of ten teaspoons of sugar enters your body, i.e. 100% of the amount you need daily.


-After 20 minutes :


The blood sugar level rises, causing an influx of insulin.


-After 40 minutes:


The caffeine absorption process is complete, the pupils dilate and blood pressure rises, causing insomnia


-After 45 minutes:


Your body increases the secretion of dopamine, which works on the happiness center in the brain.


-After 60 minutes:


Phosphoric acid combines with calcium, magnesium, and zinc in the small intestine, which increases vitality and activity. You will lose the amounts of calcium, magnesium, and zinc that were heading to the bones, along with sodium and water.


-After more than 60 minutes:


As the state of happiness begins to disappear, your blood sugar level drops quickly, making you irritable and feeling lethargic

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