What do forehead wrinkles indicate? And is it related to age?

Wrinkles usually appear on the forehead with age, but experts say that they may appear for other reasons related to human health.


French researcher Dr. Polandi Esquirol presented her findings at the Cardiology Conference that was held in Munich two years ago, where she said that the appearance of wrinkles may be closely linked to cardiovascular disease.


The researcher conducted a study that included 233 participants over a period of 20 years, and the results showed that people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, have deep grooves in the forehead.


Dr. Polishi did not fully explain the relationship between cardiovascular disease and forehead wrinkles, but her study is an initial key that will allow scientists to conduct more research to find out what causes wrinkles.


Scientists attribute the reason for the emergence of deep wrinkles in the forehead in people who suffer from heart disease, to the fact that the blood vessels in the forehead are the first to be affected by complications of heart health problems, according to what was reported by the “MSN” website.

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