What Can You Do To Remove Under-Eye Bags?

We searched for the methods you can apply for under-eye bags that cause a tired look on the face .

I asked you, “What is the most striking part of our face? If we ask, we will undoubtedly get the answer “eyes”. Besides, don’t the eyes create the magic of love born at first sight? However, if your eyes look tired and swollen even under the make-up, then there is a problem. Well, why do you think we have bags under the eyes that make us look more tired than we are? This question actually has many answers. You better give us a listen, because you will thank us when you read this article, where we will look at the underlying causes of under-eye puffiness and how to get rid of this appearance. 😊

Causes bags under the eyes?

Causes bags under the eyes?
As in every part of our body, there are some muscles around our eyes. While these muscles enable us to move our eyes more easily; It also performs on-off functions. However, some factors can cause these muscles to weaken and the sebaceous glands in this area to relax. As a result, under-eye bags and puffiness are inevitable. We have listed the main reasons for this condition, which causes the muscles to weaken and the sebaceous glands to relax:

  • signs of aging
  • fatigue and stress
  • genetic factors
  • Staring at screens such as computers and tablets for a long time
  • Insomnia
  • Edema
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Weather change
  • allergens

The reasons for your appearance with bags under the eyes may also be the factors listed above. If your under-eye bags are serious, then you may need to benefit from surgical procedures. In this case, we recommend that you see a dermatologist. But other than that, there are some steps you can take to remove this appearance. So , let’s see what’s good for under-eye bags together. 😊

How Do Under-Eye Bags Pass?

How Do Under-Eye Bags Pass?
“What to do for under-eye bags?” For the answer to your question, you can examine these methods listed below:

1. Take Care To Get Your Sleep: One of the main causes of under-eye puffiness is not getting enough sleep. Reminding that an adult person should have a sound sleep throughout the day, we recommend that you get your sleep in a healthy way. In this way, you will witness that your eye bags decrease over time.

2. Eliminate Allergens: If you have an allergic body, this may be the cause of your under-eye bags. So, you should get rid of the factors that cause you allergies (such as dust or pollen allergies) as soon as possible. If available, you can start using the medications your doctor recommends.

3. Cucumber: It is considered one of the most natural methods. You can cut the cucumbers into rings and wait for them to freeze for 2 hours in the freezer. Then when you apply it to your eyes for half an hour, you will notice that the puffiness is reduced.

4. Potato: Potato , which is very effective for both under-eye bags and dark circles, is one of the most preferred methods. As with cucumber, you can cut the potato, which you cut in the form of rings, in the freezer for 2 hours and apply it to your eyelids.

5. Tea Bags: Another application that destroys under-eye bags is tea bags. You can keep the tea bags in your eyes for half an hour, after squeezing the water and keeping them in the freezer for 2 hours.

6. Spoon application: It is one of the oldest known methods. When you keep 2 tablespoons or dessert spoons in the freezer for 15 minutes and apply them to your eyes, your under-eye bags and puffiness will decrease.

7. Ice: Ice is a great method for under-eye puffiness caused by fatigue and insomnia. When you put the ice cubes you put in a cloth on your eyes for 15 minutes, you will see that it is good for your swelling.

8. Mask Application: Finally, we would like to talk about mask application for under-eye bags. These masks, which are generally in paper form, offer a much more effective solution as they contain both natural and beneficial components in their formula. Their permanence is much longer with regular use.

You can say goodbye to your under-eye bags by taking a look at these 8 methods we have listed above for your under-eye bags. Speaking of masks in the last item, we think it’s time to explain our favorite under-eye masks . Here are those masks…

Garnier Moisture Bomb Paper Eye Mask Against Under Eye Bags

Garnier Moisture Bomb Paper Eye Mask Against Under Eye Bags
We love the effect of this mask! 😍 Coming with orange juice & hyaluronic acid formula, this eye mask reduces the appearance of our under-eye bags and darkcircles The dexterity of the mask lies in these formulas. How Does? That is, the orange juice in its formula acts like a vitamin C, reducing the appearance of dark circles and making us have a more radiant under eye. The hyaluronic acid content intensively moisturizes our eye area, which has a delicate texture.

Another feature of the mask is that it offers a cooling effect at -4°C. In this way, the mask, which provides the effect of cold compresses on our under-eyes, reduces the puffy appearance and offers a nourishing feature to the eye area. In other words, it is possible to find more than one effect in a single mask. If you wish, you can also keep the mask in the refrigerator for a while to increase the cold effect. 😊 In summary, we definitely recommend you to try this mask, which reduces puffiness in just 15 minutes, gets rid of dark circles, and offers a bright and radiant eye area.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Anti-Puffiness Paper Eye Mask

Garnier Moisture Bomb Anti-Puffiness Paper Eye Mask
Another mask that we love the effect of is from Garnier! This mask enriches its formula with coconut water & hyaluronic acid . We prefer to use this mask when we start the day with puffy eyes. This product, which has an excellent effect not only for under-eye bags, but also for the completely swollen eye area, helps to reduce both puffiness, dark circles and the appearance of fine lines. So again, more than one effect in one product, this mask is also available! 😉

On the other hand, it is possible to find the cooling effect of -4°C in this product, just like in other eye masks. In this way, an effect is achieved as if applying a cold compress effect to the eye area. In addition, its ability to be kept in the refrigerator is also preserved in this mask. We keep this product in the refrigerator to create an instant shock effect around our eyes and apply it like that, and the result is really amazing! 😍 When we use the product regularly, it gives a healthy glowing eye area with no wrinkle appearance. We recommend that you try this mask, which has such an effective formula. Trust us, you won’t regret it. 😉

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