What can you do to reduce swelling in different parts of the body?

 swellings in the body occur for many different reasons. The feeling of bloating in different parts of the body can become a serious problem when repeated. A swollen face, hand or leg causes an uncomfortable appearance. If you are also bothered by swelling, there are some tips you should follow. So what can you do to reduce bloating?

1. Do not consume more than a teaspoon of sugar a day

reduce bloating

Experts say you don’t need to consume sugar to keep your blood sugar at normal levels. Excess glucose can cause swelling, especially in the face area. Do not consume more than a teaspoon of sugar per day to reduce bloating.

2. Do not skip exercises before your period


In premenstrual syndrome, swelling is observed in the stomach, arms and legs. Experts recommend exercising before your period to reduce these bloating.

3. Use compression bandage for hands and legs at night

If you do not have a health problem and you feel swollen, you can wrap a bandage on your hands and legs before going to bed at night. The compression bandage helps reduce swelling in the body and prevent it from worsening. But if you think you have an infection anywhere on your body, do not use a compression bandage.

4. Do not drink hot water

Warm water improves blood circulation and speeds up digestion. When you drink warm water, your veins expand and more oxygen reaches all parts of the body. As a result, body swelling is reduced. However, drinking very hot water can have the opposite effect. Experts say that drinking hot water can cause swelling in the joint areas.

5. Consume lemon water for swelling on the feet

reduce bloating

Lemon is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, it helps to repair damaged tissues of the body and reduce swelling. Experts state that consuming lemon water is a very effective method in combating bloating. If you regularly consume lemon water every day, you can observe that your bloating decreases.

6. Pay attention to the choice of shoes

If you wear flat shoes that are not suitable for the structure of the foot, you may frequently complain that your feet are swollen. Take care to wear shoes that fully grasp your feet and support your heel, rather than flat shoes.

These tips can help reduce your complaints. However, in case of recurrence of swelling, it is the best decision to consult a specialist.

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