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What are the best drinks for those who suffer from intestinal problems?

Dr. Jane Bruning, a nutrition expert, representative of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, announced that coffee, tomato juice and other juices help solve bowel problems.




In an interview with Eat This, Not That, the expert points out that drinking the right drinks in the morning not only allows you to feel energetic, but also maintains gut health.


And she adds, when a person wakes up from sleep in the morning, he feels dehydrated, so he must first of all drink water in order for the digestive system to start working and to prevent constipation.


“Dehydration can lead to constipation, because cells need water to carry out their functions. So drinking water in the morning is the best way and a great way to start the day right for our gut and our health,” she says.


And the expert adds, the coffee drink is also useful, but it should not be over-consumed, as it is sufficient to have one cup of it in the morning, in order for the intestines to obtain a benefit without consequences and complications for the rest of the body’s organs. Because coffee stimulates the digestion of food, helps clean the intestines, and positively affects beneficial bacteria. Experts advise not to add sugar or cream to coffee.


The expert advises drinking tomato juice or other juices. Because tomato juice contains dietary fiber, which helps in digestion. And when you drink other smoothies with berries, flaxseeds or chia, the gut is enriched with probiotics

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