Ways to reduce hereditary dark circles


Many women complain about hereditary dark circles, and unfortunately, the condition is severe in most of these cases, but in this case do not lose hope and go to the specialist doctor to explain to you what you need to reduce or get rid of them, and here we will present to you broad lines on methods and tips that reduce dark circles in a way. Large .

Methods for reducing genetic dark circles

Make sure to sleep enough hours and these hours should be at night, because body cells, including the skin, are renewed at night.

Stimulate blood circulation in the area around the eye with gentle strokes and massages.

Follow a healthy diet rich in natural antioxidants, especially vitamins; Vitamin K, which is great for dark circles, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Vitamin A, these ingredients are especially found in fruits and vegetables.

Apply sunscreen around the eyes when exposed to direct sunlight, as the sun may darken the skin.

Always wear large sunglasses (to cover the entire area around the eyes), to protect your eyes and their surroundings from the influence of UV rays.

You can treat hereditary dark circles with laser, which works to remove dark dead cells and stimulate collagen production.

Follow the chemical peeling method by using glycolic acid, ritonic acid or hydroquinone in rather high levels.

The surgical solution can be applied by removing part of the lower eyelid, which helps to hide dark circles.

Drink enough water throughout the day, to moisturize the skin and keep it healthy.

Avoid smoking, as it causes dark circles and premature wrinkles, and dries up the skin, in addition to its devastating health effects on the lungs, heart and blood.

Do not over-use caffeine, as it is a diuretic, and the body loses a large amount of water that affects the moisture and tenderness of the skin, and this will negatively affect your hereditary dark circles.

In conclusion, you may not be able to get rid of hereditary dark circles permanently, but when you apply the advice that we presented to you today, the area around the eyes will improve in one way or another and be smooth and tight, and this will reduce the focus on the circles and with a little concealer, your problem will be solved!

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