Ways to promote health and fight disease

Ways to promote health and fight disease

Health promotion methods are not difficult. All that is required is to pay attention to the diet followed, focus on some “mighty” food types, and pay attention to drinking more and more water, as well as doing sports activities and increasing daily movement.


Dietitian Abeer Abu Rjaili, from the Diet of the Town Clinic, briefs you through the following topic on ways to promote health in detail:




Eat the right diet



Avoiding nutrient-free foods that are full of unhealthy fats, salts and sugars is essential to protect the body from disease. Instead, go to a healthy and sound diet, rich in antioxidants that fight various diseases, and prevent cancer diseases in particular.



Promote drinking water



It is time to give water a major importance in everyday life. It is necessary to drink about 8 glasses of water per day, distributed at different times of the day, to flush out toxins, fight dehydration, and raise the metabolism in the body.




Shopping smart



It is always advised not to go shopping on an empty stomach, as this will lead to drinking loads of consumables, without checking their content due to hunger.


Always choose healthy, nutrient-dense food items that are low in calories, and try to read the food label before purchasing any product.




Giving importance to sports



Exercising, especially walking, improves your health. Therefore, it is recommended to follow a healthy lifestyle while increasing physical movement, which has countless benefits for health, weight, and fighting diseases.




Bring great foods to your trip



Try to think of using onions, garlic, saffron, thyme, ginger, basil, and other flavorings in your daily dishes, to take advantage of the powerful and effective substances and elements in strengthening the immune system in the face of diseases.



stop smoking



Smoking in all its forms (cigarettes, hookah, etc.) leads to serious and fatal diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, strokes, cancer, and others. Take a good look at yourself and make the decision to quit smoking right away

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