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Ways to get rid of acne and reduce their appearance - Care Beauty

Ways to get rid of acne and reduce their appearance

During adolescence, you notice that acne multiplies on your face, and you do not find an effective and fast treatment for it, but we at Women Magazine care about you, dear Eve, and your beauty, so we offer you these methods to remove acne and reduce its appearance. Try it and tell us what you think.

1- Take 10 green lettuce leaves and add a cup of low-fat milk to it

Then the lettuce and milk are boiled over low heat for a few minutes. Lettuce leaves are taken and placed on the face as poultices for 20-30 minutes, taking into account sleeping on the back, after which the poultices are removed and the face is washed.


2- Mixing milk with water when washing the face, as this helps to sterilize the skin and prevent new pimples from appearing.


3- Avoid anxiety and stress because it will increase the number of pills.


4- Avoid cosmetics during this particular period.


5- Avoid washing with regular soap and replace it with baby soap or medical soap.


6- Avoid using hair oils and creams because they have an indirect effect on acne.