Ways to burn fat with natural recipes at home


Some suffer from the inability to lose a few stubborn kilograms despite following a balanced diet and regular physical activity; Therefore, it is recommended to adopt some foods that are famous for their ability to burn fat.
In this article, learn about ways to burn fat with natural recipes at home through 5 foods according to “Paspor Sante”:

Eggplant is a powerful fat-burning food

If you are used to cooking eggplant, you may have noticed that this vegetable acts like a real sponge that absorbs the oil. In the body, the eggplant pulp captures and traps fat, thus promoting its subsequent elimination. The fat-burning effect of eggplant is related above all to its high content of dietary fiber, more precisely pectin, which makes it a great ally for slimming. For best results, the eggplant is best baked in the oven, boiled, or steamed.

Green tea is a drink that stimulates the oxidation of fats

It has been scientifically proven that green tea  is one of the most effective fat burning foods. In fact, in addition to its standard content of antioxidants and active ingredients, it is a diuretic, and contains catechins. Specifically, epigallocatechin is also called EGCG, which helps stimulate metabolism and significantly increase fat burning. As a result, people who drink green tea regularly tend to be slimmer.

Lemon helps the body digest fats

Lemon helps burn fat

The main active ingredient in lemon is citric acid. Citric acid has many benefits in the body. Its antioxidant power makes it possible in particular to stimulate immune defenses and fight cellular aging. For weight loss, citric acid also has some benefits. It stimulates the production of bile and digestive enzymes, thus helping to awaken the digestive system, facilitating the digestion, reuse and disposal of fats after metabolism. As a result, lemon is an interesting fat burning food.

Oat bran is a food that locks in fat in the body

Oat bran has two main benefits when it comes to losing weight. These two benefits are directly related to the very high content of soluble dietary fiber in oat bran. First of all, oat bran has a very powerful satiating effect. Incorporating it into the diet allows you to stay fuller for longer, avoid food cravings, and eat less during main meals. Second, soluble fiber has the effect of locking up bile salts and cholesterol in the body, promoting their elimination while also stimulating intestinal transit.

Apples are rich in pectin and help burn fat

Like oat bran, apples are an effective fat-burning food thanks to their soluble fiber content, especially pectin. In the digestive system, pectin actively contributes to the elimination of excess fat through the intestine. Getting enough soluble fiber helps regulate cholesterol and blood sugar levels. Which is very interesting in the context of a weight loss project.

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