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Waterproof Makeup

Summer is the season to relax and relieve your stress, and this also applies to your beauty routine. The last thing you want is to worry about mascara running down your face, or foundation melting, as temperatures rise. Waterproof formulas are a great choice if you need your makeup to last all day this season, here are the waterproof makeup rules and basics…

It’s a very simple chemical explanation: if you have a water-based product, exposing it to water will usually dissolve it; However, if you have an anhydrous product (also known as a waterless formula), exposing it to water won’t stir the formula as much, other than an oil-based formula. That’s why waterproof mascara doesn’t run down, even in the toughest times.


Tips for a waterproof look


summer makeup



Use moisturizer:

Moisturizer plays an important role in a waterproof makeup regimen. Even if the weather is humid, your skin must be moisturized because it will still be dry. This water-based moisturizer absorbs oil, making it the perfect pair for foundation, and will give you a luminous, hydrated finish.

Use a matte primer:

Applying a matte primer will prep and fill in your face so it’s makeup-ready. A primer ensures that your makeup lasts longer, as it gives your skin a smooth and even surface, so your makeup can last better on your face.

Apply sunscreen before makeup:

One way to ruin your makeup is to stand outside without applying sunscreen. You’ll watch your makeup run off in moments. Condom protects your skin, thus keeping you away from hyperpigmentation and cancer, as well as preventing makeup from melting. If you wear makeup for long periods of time, use sunscreen underneath to prevent the rays from damaging your makeup and your skin.

Avoid heavy concealer.

Not everyone is blessed with flawless skin, as for some, concealer is a must. However, concealers can be notorious for making makeup look thick and lumpy, especially under bright sunlight. It also tends to collect makeup in under-eye streaks, and will look like flaking paint in this weather.


Waterproof makeup products


Some things cannot be negotiated. You need to get waterproof eyeliner and mascara. For extra security, apply multiple layers of eyeliner to make sure it doesn’t run off.

Make-up pigments

Ordinary powders will fade after a few minutes with the hot weather. That’s why keep blush and highlight under control by using pigments instead of powders. With a blush tint instead of a powder blush, the color won’t go away easily. The pigments also add more pop


Products that contain gel

When it comes to waterproofing, gels do it best. Whenever you can, replace water-based products with gel-based alternatives. Using a matte or gel foundation will help your makeup resist heat and sweat.

Tip: When you are done applying foundation and concealer, apply setting powder, leave for a few minutes, then remove by flicking.

Use less waxy products

Wax products may look and feel great, but not for long, especially when we’re talking about lipstick.

If you’re going to wear a waxy lipstick on a dinner date, it’s sure to be gone completely within the first 5 minutes. You can either take your own lipstick to reapply, or use a matte lipstick instead. It is water resistant.

Tip: If you are going to choose a matte lipstick, first exfoliate and moisturize your lips properly.

Don’t forget your setting spray

It’s hard to get waterproof makeup that doesn’t lock in all the moisture and prevent your skin from breathing at all. Using a setting spray on your skin helps with this and also seals makeup on it. And even if you sweat, your makeup won’t remove the sweat, unless you pull the tissue across your face.

Make-up isolation

It is possible to isolate your makeup from water after applying it. This is the job of a sealant that makes anything it touches waterproof: eyeshadow, eyebrows, lipstick. It’s the real deal and a surefire way to get all-day makeup.

Pay more attention to your products

If you’re looking for long-wearing products, the secrets are on the foundation bottle. Look for waterproof products among foundations, primers, and concealers. It might be a little more expensive, but it’s worth a try.

Note: It’s easy to apply fully waterproof makeup, but maintaining it is the biggest part of the job. So, remember that when you sweat, pat the makeup in place and don’t pull it off. Gently press your tissue against your face, letting it absorb all the sweat.


Turn regular makeup into waterproof makeup


Never use primer

Preparing the base with a strong primer will help you achieve all-day success. Not only will a primer help your makeup look smoother, it will also help your products last longer, acting as a protective layer to prevent foundation, concealer, blush, bronzer, and highlighter from absorbing into the skin too much.

Use a makeup sponge

To help achieve a long-lasting effect, experts recommend using a makeup sponge when applying foundation, CC cream, or BB creams, as it sets makeup.

Apply a long lasting sealant


Using a long lasting sealant is the most effective way to convert non-waterproof products into waterproof products. A few brands make these products in a dropper shape, which you can add to a gel, or to an eyeshadow brush before dipping into your eyeshadow. It is a sealant that can be used in many ways and with many products, and it also makes dyes more intense while giving them longevity. All you have to do is add a drop or two to the product and apply it right away. Once applied, the product is instantly waterproof and lasts for hours.

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