Walking at least once a week is beneficial for kidney patients

Walking at least once a week is beneficial for kidney patients


A new study published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology has proven that walking helps kidney patients live longer, God willing, and clarifies that frequent walking increases the benefits that a kidney patient reaps.


The researchers followed the cases of more than 6,360 Taiwanese suffering from chronic kidney disease, and their average age was seventy years.


Researchers from China Medical University found that walking prolongs the life of kidney patients and reduces their need for dialysis sessions or to undergo transplant surgery.


The researchers found that the smallest possible amount of walking (only once a week for thirty minutes) may benefit kidney patients, but frequent walking for a longer period may increase the benefit.


It appeared that people who walked had a reduced risk of death by one-third, and were 21% less likely to need dialysis or to undergo kidney transplant surgery compared to those who did not practice walking.


The greater the walking frequency, the greater the benefit. Those who walked once or twice a week were 17% less likely to die, those who walked three to four times a week had a 28% lower risk of death, and those who walked five to six times had a 58% lower risk.


The need for these patients to undergo dialysis and transplant surgery decreased, respectively, by 19%, 27%, and 43%.

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