Vitamins for a slim face

Poor and unbalanced nutrition causes the body in general and the face in particular to suffer from a deficiency in some types of vitamins, some of which are classified as having a strong and direct effect on the size of the face. fuller.


Vitamins for a thin faceVitamin A:

Vitamin A is classified as an antioxidant vitamin and an ideal fighter for cells and tissues that cause disease, signs of aging and wrinkles, so you find that including it in the diet improves skin moisture and texture, in addition to gradually increasing the fullness of the face.

Vitamin C: It is a natural antioxidant known for its ability to fight infections and protect the skin from harmful sunlight, in addition to being an important source of collagen in the body, and the importance of collagen lies in maintaining the elasticity and freshness of the skin and thus its fullness. The desired fullness and its fight against the various signs of aging, and this important role played by vitamin E prompted experts to call it the vitamin of beauty. Tips for fattening the face


Below we will mention some important tips in the field of facial fattening:


Drinking large amounts of water, one of the most important benefits of water is that it keeps the body hydrated, which is what is needed by those who have a thin face.

Follow a balanced diet that includes all the different elements and food groups. Avoid bad habits that are harmful to health, such as smoking, as the negative effects of smoking can lose the complexion The face is flexible, which makes the owner appear older than his real age. Avoid using harmful commercial cosmetics, while taking care not to apply powders daily in order to allow the skin of the face to breathe. It must also be sure to remove cosmetics and wash the face before going to bed.

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