Vinegar treatment for oily dandruff

Dandruff is one of the most famous problems that hair is exposed to, especially greasy hair, where this problem troubles many, because of the annoying itching, and there are prevailing beliefs to treat dandruff with vinegar, as many women adopt it as a natural remedy instead of medicines, and today we teach you ways to use Vinegar to get rid of dandruff.


Vinegar and lemon for the crust



Vinegar controls the excess fat secreted by the scalp, which contributes to getting rid of various scalp problems, especially dandruff, as it balances the pH of the scalp. It balances the pH of the scalp, and thus prevents the reappearance of dandruff, as it is rich in citric acid, it also strengthens hair follicles and roots, and eliminates the excess fat that accumulates on the scalp and causes dandruff, and you can prepare this mixture easily, by mixing 4 tablespoons of vinegar Apple and two tablespoons of lemon juice until you get a homogeneous mixture, then immerse a clean piece of cotton in the mixture and pass it on the scalp by tamping lightly, making sure that the entire scalp is covered with the mixture, and leave the mixture on the scalp for 20 minutes, then rinse it Well with water after washing it with shampoo.




Apple cider vinegar with mint for dandruff



There is no objection to using any type of vinegar, as they all have the same synthetic properties in terms of acidity and nutrients, but it is preferable that the vinegar be home-made; To ensure that it is free from chemical compounds that harm the scalp and hair and do not benefit them, then we advise you to apply a recipe for apple cider vinegar with mint by boiling five tablespoons of mint leaves with a cup of rose water, then filter it in a bowl and add a cup of apple cider vinegar to it. The mixture in a bottle and leave it for one day, and when using it put it on the hair and massage the ends of your hair and roots well, leave it until it dries and then wash it with shampoo and rinse it with water, this recipe eliminates the crust and gives the hair a good smell and strong shine, as it maintains the natural acids in the scalp This recipe is used once a week.



White vinegar and oil for dandruff




Vinegar helps relieve some of the symptoms that affect the scalp, including flaking, persistent itching, and flaking of hair. Germs, and you can mix it with the oil to combat dandruff by mixing a cup of olive oil or castor oil with a tablespoon of white vinegar, then put the mixture on your hair and massage the roots and scalp well, and leave it for two or three hours before washing hair with shampoo and lukewarm water.

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