Vinegar treatment for cracked feet: is it effective?


Cracked feet are a common and annoying problem, and a suggested home method is to treat cracked feet with vinegar, is it really effective?

Physical stress or certain diseases and other causes can lead to cracked and dry feet.

Find out about the effectiveness of the treatment of Cracked Feet with vinegar in the following article:

Treatment of Cracked Feet with vinegar

Vinegar is used in the field of skin care and treatment of Cracked Feet, vinegar contains acetic acid and water that are effective in the treatment of many problems of the feet, and its effect in the treatment of Cracked Feet:

Vinegar helps calm the feet.

Vinegar kills bacteria stuck to the feet.

Vinegar removes dirt and Dead Cells, makes the skin of the feet smooth and clean.

One study also showed a role of acetic acid active in slowing the growth of some types of foot fungus.

Despite the benefits of vinegar in treating foot problems, you should avoid using vinegar or other home remedies if you have diabetes.

Method of treatment of Cracked Feet with vinegar

To treat cracked feet and steps you can follow the following steps:

Add two cups of warm water in a large vase.

Add a glass of vinegar.

You can continue to add two cups of water for one glass of vinegar until the pot is full.

Soak your feet for 10-20 minutes.

Repeat this process daily till you get rid of Cracked Feet.

There is little difference between the effectiveness of different types of vinegar, but it is generally preferable to avoid herbal and fruit vinegar because it contains additives. 

Vinegar can also be used to treat cracked feet along with other household ingredients, such as:

Vinegar with curd: yogurt has soothing and soothing properties, relieving the annoying symptoms of Cracked Feet.

Vinegar with cocoa butter or ordinary butter: a paste of vinegar and butter can be made and applied to Cracked Feet.

Benefits of vinegar for other foot problems

Vinegar may help treat other foot problems, such as:

1. May help treat athlete’s foot

Athlete’s foot is a fungal infection affects the toes, cause peeling skin and redness it.

Due to the antifungal properties of vinegar, soaking feet with vinegar may be useful in mild athlete’s foot conditions.

2. Getting rid of the smell of feet

Some bacteria cause the appearance of an unpleasant smell to the feet.

Soaking feet with vinegar can help kill odor-causing bacteria, and it is recommended to wash feet with soapy water before soaking.

3. Use in the treatment of Thalli

Vinegar has exfoliating properties for the skin, so vinegar can be applied directly to the Thalli with a cotton swab, or soak the feet.

Pumice stone can also be used to help remove stiff skin.

Risks of using vinegar to treat feet

Vinegar is safe when used in moderate amounts, however people should use it with caution to avoid the spark side the following:

May cause skin irritation.

It causes irritation and pain to foot wounds.

Diabetics should avoid using vinegar to treat gum problems, and resort to specialized care.

Other home methods of treating cracked feet

Apart from treating cracked feet with vinegar, there are several other home methods that can help prevent dehydration and cracking, including:

1.Feet cream

Foot cream should be used on a daily basis for the feet.

Preferably, the cream contains alpha-hydroxy acids, and examples include glycolic acid and lactic acid, as these acids help remove dead skin cells, and moisturize the skin.

2. Lanolin

It is a fatty substance that moisturizes rough and cracked areas of the skin.

It can be obtained without a prescription and is usually written on the product that it is special for lactating women but is suitable for any condition of dry and cracked skin.

3. Pumice stone

Pumice stone or foot cooler can be used after soaking feet or bathing to rub rough areas in the soles of the feet.

The fiber can be used to exfoliate the upper part of the feet.

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