vegetarian diet helps treat diabetes

A vegetarian diet helps treat diabetes


Eating vegetables is beneficial in protecting against diabetes




An American medical study said that adherence to a vegetarian diet in which fats and meat are eliminated almost completely helps effectively treat and control type 2 diabetes and protect against it in cases of high risk of developing it.


The study conducted at the General Research Center of George Washington University in the United States showed that quitting eating fats and meat is beneficial in improving the body’s sensitivity to insulin and thus controlling blood sugar levels in the short and long term.


The study stated that eating vegetables through a vegetarian diet also enhances the secretion of a protein in the blood called glycated hemoglobin, which helps maintain safe levels of blood sugar and protect against its complications and negative consequences. The supervisors of this study say that the effectiveness of these diets and programs free of fat and meat in general is equivalent in effectiveness to taking medical drugs intended to treat the side effects of diabetes and is superior to it while maintaining it.


The study showed that the main reason why fats and meat are harmful to those who may suffer from diabetes is that they lead to a doubling of insulin resistance, thus greatly doubling its negative consequences for the person.


These vegetarian diets are also distinguished by the fact that they also maintain normal weight levels, safe levels of cholesterol, increase the rate of absorption of fiber in the body, reduce the number of calories consumed, and other advantages.


At the end of the study, the study advised that these vegetarian diets also have many benefits for cardiovascular health, avoiding high blood pressure, and many other positive health effects enjoyed by those who adhere to these nutritional programs.



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