Health is the greatest blessing that a man can enjoy on earth. It stands on a higher level than wealth. What is wealth to one who is always ill ?? Disease and illness give him no comfort and peace of mind. He does not possess the capacity of enjoying wealth, and to him it is no better than a curse. The first essential condition of living for every man, whether rich or poor, is health. With this all other things may follow, but without it, life becomes burden and one finds no energy for anything. 

A man may be intelligent,  he may be endowed with uncommon powers and may be exceptionally  genius. But all these are unless he had good health. People with high ambitions and aspirations will see at their hopes destroyed if they are not fortune to have good health For, how can a person exercise his powers towards the realization of his hopes if he is constantly in ill health ?

All people in this world are required, more or less to work. If this be nature’s plan, it should be the duty of all to see that this law is not violated to render this possible.  It is necessary that we should possess a sound health, so that we may have the power to work. If one enjoys good health, it is certain that one will be generally cheerful and also enjoy sound mind. A sound mind is no less important than a sound body. It is the combination of these two that makes a man happy and cheerful and confers upon him the energy required for work.

We have sseen the several benefits that health gives to man. Let us now consider the evils that results from its want. The evil of bad health are many. In the first place, bad health makes a man easily liable to all sorts of diseases. Disease takes away from a man, all his vitality, energy and makes them incapable of work and so unable to earn their livelihood. Such a man, therefore, is always miserable and knows what happiness is. 

A Wealthy  man with an ill health is equally miserable. He may have good dishes to eat but doesn’t have the power to digest. He may lie on the best costly bed, but he gets no sleep. There is a close connection between body and mind. A diseased body is always attended with an unhealthy mind. A person with good health can earn wealth at any point of time  in his life and live happily every time but a person who works days and nights to earn money will just get stick to the work and can never find happiness. 

Happiness is more important in life so take your time and choose the right path which makes you feel happy in life. 

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