Unknown Benefits of Ice Bath

You must have come across videos of Instagram users getting into a tub of ice. So no “why?” Did you think?

Ice bath, also called cold hydrotherapy, is a method often used by professional athletes to treat muscle pain. Besides, it has many other benefits. Of course, let’s say from the beginning, it is better not to try it at home.

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Good for muscle pain

Your blood vessels narrow and shrink when you are exposed to cold water. When you come out of the water, the change in temperature causes the muscles to reopen quickly. This rapid expansion of blood vessels helps to reduce pain by providing the muscles with the oxygen they need.

You can think of this in direct proportion to the reason why you immediately put ice on a sore or swollen part.

May improve your mental health

Although those who try it often say they find it painful on the first try, there is scientific evidence that ice baths are good for mental health . Cold water, which allows you to focus and focus on your breathing, can cause the release of endorphins in the nervous system.

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It can help you sleep well

While ice baths, which are effective in the central nervous system, rejuvenate the body, it can also bring you sleep for 10-15 minutes after the bath. It also helps you have a healthier sleep.

Can reduce injuries

One of the reasons for using it, especially for professional athletes, is to minimize the risk of injury. Cold water, which helps to reduce muscle pain and helps them to recover, also helps them to be ready for the next workout.


When we look at all this, the ice bath, which has many benefits, is very risky for those who try it for the first time and for those who do not know. Staying longer than 10 minutes can risk hypothermia and frostbite. In addition, if you have a serious illness, it can trigger it and cause high blood pressure. Your skin can react to extreme cold within a few minutes